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Am Mus History Summer Course...

Dear All:
  I will be teaching a summer course on American Music History at our local Catholic H.S.  The course will be ten half-day sessions. I have about three rough drafts of syllabi that I have assembled, and am pleased with none of them. 
  Does anyone have a syllabus that they can send to me, or post on choralnet, and see if we are on-track?  What topics worked well, and what topics did not work well? 
  Ron Isaacson
Germantown MD
on April 21, 2015 7:13am
When I taught a course on American Music History ten years ago, I used a text by Daniel Kingman, "American Music, a Panorama"  There is a full version and a concise edition. Chapters were divided as: Part One. Folk and Ethnic Music, Part Two. Three Prodiginous Offspring of the Rural South (country, blues, rock). Part Three. Popular Sacred Music, Part four. Popular Secular Music, Part Five Jazz and its forerunners, Part Six. Classical Music, Part Seven. Regionalism.  Best of luck
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