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Good Choral Concert Program Templates

I have a "casual" concert coming up and want to create a simple "in house" concert program for the event (nothing fancy).  I thought I could find some templates on the Internet, but I am not having much success.  Many of the templates I saw were for elementary school piano recitals.
I use a Mac and had hoped Pages would have a template.  No luck.  My chorus is a 100-voice adult community chorus.   Anyone know of a simple, elegant chorus concert program template that I can use?
Susan McCreary Duprey
Kona Choral Society
Windward Choral Society
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on March 16, 2015 11:36am
Hi Susan,
I found some concert program templates here:
These are for academic concerts and recitals, but I think they can easily be modified, and in any case, they offer good basic outlines on how to present key information. None of them is for a choral program, but the essentials are there and can easily be adapted.
Here's a package of templates and other concert resources, for sale on a CD:
(I know nothing of this product and this mention is not an endorsement)
You don't indicate what sort of concert is being presented, but for a simple four-page (bi-fold, letter or legal size paper) program for a community chorus concert, you'll want to include at least the following:
Names of presenters: Ensemble, conductor, accompanist or ensemble, major soloists
Name of program
Program, date (including year), time, place
Name of parent institution if it’s a school, church, etc.
Repeat the basic information about the concert, from the front cover, but in a simple, centered format.
List the selections, using a standard formatting, such as
Frostiana: The Road Not Taken…………………………………Randall Thompson (1899-1994)
                                                                               Text: Robert Frost (1874-1963)
                                                  INTERMISSION (10 minutes)
Lovely Song…………………………………………………………..Emerging Composer (b. 1975)
                                                  Mary Singer, Soprano
List the names of all the performers.
                                                                Anytown Chorale
                                                   Erudite Person, Artistic Director
                                                      Nimble Player, Accompanist
Llist the personnel. For the singers, this can be done by section, or in one alpha list. If you have section leaders or other key personnel, indicate them by * or other sign, with explanatory notes at the end of the roster. For additional instrumental personnel, list them individually (centered) with the names of their instruments:
                                                             John Smith, flute
                                                             Mary Jones, oboe
                                                     Philip Cleartone, French horn
If space permits, include a one-paragraph description of the ensemble, with a few words about its history, mission, etc. and perhaps mention a few artistic highlights. If you are seeking new members, include something like “The Anytown Chorale is seeking new members in all voice parts. We rehearse on Monday evenings in TownName. Please visit our website,, for information.”
List here donors, funders, supporters. You can list them in one alpha sequence, or in categories according to level of giving. Be sure to recognize in-kind donors and volunteers. They count, too.
List the names of your staff and Board of Directors, with titles as appropriate.
End with the name and full contact information for the ensemble (street address, phone, fax, website, email, etc.) AND
On Facebook or Twitter? Invite people to connect in those places.
Have a mailing list? Include a note on how to join.
Have an upcoming concert? Give key info here. Also consider a half-sheet program insert to promote your next concert, seek volunteers, advertise for singers, etc.
Feel free to contact me off line if I may offer more assistance.
Sarah Hager Johnston, BMus, MLS
Grace Notes Music Research and Writing
Program Notes - Concert Program Design - Audience Surveys - Music Library Services - Editorial Services
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on March 24, 2015 2:07pm
Mahalo, Sarah!  I appreciate this.  I wish Apple or Microsoft would develop some nice concert program templates.  Wouldn't that be nice?  :-)
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