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Poulenc Stabat mater note and text question

Greetings; we are preparing the Stabat mater for an April performance. In the third movement, O quam tristis, I've noted a discrepancy in the p/v score we are working with and what I hear in some recordings: in ms. 8, in the tenor part the score has a B natural (quarter) followed by a C natural (half) on the word "illa", heard that way on several recordings - however, in a few recordings, including the most recent Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir recording (Reuss), the tenor part stays on the B natural to create a 7th chord in C major. Any advice out there on what Poulenc might have written?
Secondly, in the 4th movement, "Quae moerebat", the p/v score consistently has the text "cum videbat", while every source of the Stabat Mater text I have consulted has the text as "dum videbat". I'm inclined to think that "cum" is an error. Thoughts?
I know there has been considerable work done (and published) on the plethora of errors in the various score parts of Poulenc's Gloria, but could find no such document for the Stabat Mater. Has anyone encountered, or created such a listing? Perhaps I've missed it in the archives?
Many thanks for your replies!
Len Ratzlaff
Richard Eaton Singers
Edmonton, Alberta
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