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heavy on boys

I have an unusual problem this year, I have 20 boys (many of them strong) and 12 girls (many of them weak) in my HS choir. Besides splitting the boys to the outsides and putting the girls together in the middle, does anyone have any repertoire suggestions? Wishing I could find boys' parts divided and girls parts not...or something with STB voicing...where the girls aren't constantly low or the tenors constantly high.  
Any comments are welcome
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on December 23, 2014 12:19pm
The first things that came to mind were Parker/Shaw's arrangements of I Got Shoes, Deep River, I'm Gonna Sing, and John Saw Duh Numbuh. All of them have men in divisi with women only in the two parts. They're all available together in the Singin' In the Spirit book and maybe some of their other spirituals split the men without the women too...Saints Bound For Heaven might but don't quote me on that one.
Could maybe a few of your tenors sing alto some?
Would you consider finding some songs with solos throughout and pulling out groups of boys to do the solo lines?
Maybe take some TTBB stuff and put sopranos and alto 1s on the T1, alto 2s and tenor 1s on T2, tenor 2s and a third of the basses on B1, and the rest of the basses on B2?
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on October 31, 2015 9:45am
Thank you for your suggestions. Its been awhile since I posted, and this year its worse! I have 18 boys and 8 girls, with one girl moving away at Christmas! I solved it last year by doing all-guys and all-girls songs for the spring show (a Broadway Revue), and leaving freshman boys on SATB. This year, I re-found Rutter's Candlelight Carol, so beautiful and SATBB. And voice leadings so well-done that even my less-experienced guys are managing their parts.  I've also done a shift 'up' with a low-key SATB spiritual, like you suggested T1 singing alto, baris to T2.
If anyone else has ideas please add them. I'll be working with what Clay sent as I look at the spring. Oh, and our spring concert is a Jazz Club. Anything jazzy you've done with just the boys? Admittedly, I haven't looked too hard yet :-)
on October 31, 2015 12:59pm
Whether you'll find anything age appropriate or non-sacred, I don't know, but you can do a specialized search on to see what's available in the Public Domain for free download.  
In the "search" box at the top of the page try the following (typed with punctuations and spacing exactly as below to short-cut to a page with all the music listings for that voicing):
Weirdly, you don't seem to be able to search for STB using that shorthand search query.  Something about the way the code for the site was written.  But STTBB got me twenty potential pieces.  There is a LOT of sacred music on choralwiki, but also some old folk songs and madrigals.  
As for more contemporary, the Pentatonix are 4 guys to one gal and some of their arrangements are available for sale.  Some of their repertoire could possibly work?  (She says very hesitantly.)  
Hope that helps!
on October 31, 2015 2:12pm
I'll bet there are more than a few composers here on Choralnet who would relish the opportunity to write a comissioned piece for just such a group... something to think over! 
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