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research about the community building aspects of choirs?

Other than the Choral Study of 2009, does anyone know of other peer-reviewed research about the sense of community-building from choir participation?
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on November 9, 2014 9:30am
Good on you for gathering info re this particular curiosity! It's important.
Suggestion: Google has a search feature called Google Scholar. Using it, I found some useful studies re your subject of interest by using combinations of the following search terms--choral group singing, social group cohesion, sense of community.
You might also use search terms like choral music (or choral singing) and empathy
If I find some juicy ones I'll send them to you.
If you would be willing to email me an email address, I could send you a few full-length articles, etc., that may be helpful to you. My email address is leon(a)
Good luck and be well,
on November 10, 2014 4:37pm
Thanks Leon!
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