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Free download sites page outdated.

ChoralNet's page for choral sheet-music free-download sites:
is badly outdated, as 15 out of the 35 published links don't work.
Here's the list (on Nov.6, 2014) of the dead ( *) or outdated entries, for which the updated link is given:
J. Ashley Hall -->
Acadia Early Music Archive*
Avi Ariav's music*
Choral Scores Download
Coral Novos Aires de Nigr*
Coro Polif
Psalms of the Fred*
GMD Music library*
Iglesia Cat*

Musica Viva*
MVSICA coppini editions*
RoDeby music*
- - - - - - - - - -
There are also various other free-download sites, such as:
and more, plus many archive pages in several Choir websites, some very rich and interesting.
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