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Visa requirements for non-US participants in choir festival

Does anyone have had any experience inviting choirs from overseas to choral festivals in the US?
In July 2015 we will hosting the North American Lithuanian Song Festival in Chicago, IL. We are expecting several choirs from Lithuania, as well as possibiy other European countries. Tourists from these countries do not require visas to enter the US. However, in this case, do the choir members need work visas, such as P-3 or other, to sing in the festival? I know that if these were professional performers, they would require a P-3 work visa (even if they were not being paid). However, these are amateur choirs, and I'm not certain of the requirements in this case. None of the choirs are being paid and they are each covering their own expenses. Conceptually, these choirs are same as the tens of choirs from the US and Canada that participate in this festival every 4 years (except that they are traveling from overseas).
Thanks for any info you can share!
Darius Polikaitis
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