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Teacher Appreciation Week

Being Teacher Appreciation Week, at least in my home town, I remembered this tribute by Mike Rowe, the "Dirty Jobs" guy, to his high school chorus teacher, Fred King.  ... a man who helped shape Mike Rowe's life, much the same way that you help shape your student's lives.
Remember, as a choral teacher, you make a difference. You have made a difference. And, you will continue to make a difference.
(Oh, and....   Thanks, Mr. Miller, Mr. Parker, Mrs. Alcorn and Mr. Nazworth.  I appreciate what you did for me.)
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on May 6, 2014 5:31pm
Thank you, David.  You'll never know how much I needed hearing that!
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on May 7, 2014 5:32am
BTW... a transcript of Mike Rowe's podcast is available here:
(...with a couple of photos of Fred King, and a couple of his novelty false teeth sets, so you can get an idea of what he showed his students, that first day.)
The phone interviews the story comes from are on that page, too, and are a fun listen, too.  
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