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Help Finding a vocal coach

I have been singing in chorus since HS.  I have been in some very top notch choruses under the direction of many well known conductors.  I am looking for a voice coach. This will be my first voice coach ever!!!! I do have a Music Performance degree as an instrumentalist.  I know my voice and such.  I was very close to winning the bass audition with the Army Field band a few years back but due to tthe govt changing the age requirement they rescinded the offer.  They told to get a voice coach and start doing opera.  I contacted all the people they told me too and got not 1 response.  I have tried recently again to find a Voice teacher and the only response I received was" sign up for my class" when I specifically told them I was not a student.  This search has been going on now for 3 years. I live in chicago and would like someone close by.  I may pursue opera or such but most of the bass parts are too high for my voice.  I know my range and would rather not post it here as I have been told Im lying or dont know what Im talking about but I assure you I do.  My range is three octaves almost to the letter.  I have lost some of my low notes probably due to singing incorrectly so I now am not able to sing lower than a piano keyboard goes. 
I guess what Im looking for is someone who knows about the REALLLY extreme low voice and would be willing to work with an adult student.  I am currently singing quite a bit and dont wish to damage my voice. 
Please help or advise,
Mark W 
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