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Wonderful Problems

I inhereted a fantastic madrigal ensemble that is a town favorite and raises a lot of money. 
My wonderful problem: I need to spend more money on this group next year! What [event / festivals / field-trip] would you recommend sending this group to? Preferably an event that is apropros to the Renaissance/Madrigal style but not limited to it. We are located in NJ, so probably limited to the East Coast, however, with the amount of money we raise, we could make a big trip once every 4 years. 
We already attend the PA Rennaissance Faire (placed first on Friday this year!).
Tyler Mills
on February 2, 2014 6:27am
Now, THERE'S a problem everyone should have. I heartily recommend the Maryland Renaissance Festival (OK, I perform there, but still...). It's the 2nd-largest in the country, runs late Aug. through Oct.. There are some wonderful madrigal groups, large and small. The royal court and its costuming are fabulous. There's the professional tie-in. Outside of that--non-stop entertainment, good food, and fun shopping. PLUS you get the extra bonus of being right next to Washington, DC. Plenty of places to stay and you're a bit off-season, which is good. Perhaps you could book yourself at the Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage as well (my madrigal group appeared there). There are performances 365 days a year. You can message me if you'd like more info. But wherever you choose to go--congrats and enjoy! 
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