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The World Peace Choir

Dear ChoralNet and other readers!
My name is Jonas Rasmussen and I am the creator of the ”World Peace Choir” together with composer Tommy Jervidal.
The World Peace Choir is a project whose goal is to gather singers from all over the world to make a statement of peace through the art of singing. The choir is a “virtual choir”, which means that every participant makes an individual video recording of his or her part of the song we are recording. After the deadline, which is January 15th, we will gather all the videos and make a final creative video starring all the participants in the song “Francis Prayer – Sancta Maria”. The song is composed by Tommy Jervidal and Tove Lind and was originally a part of their musical “God’s Troubadour” which has just been performed in Assisi in October.
We launched the World Peace Choir on September 21, 2013, World Peace Day, using music and song as great tools for raising awareness of the current urgent need for world peace. Assisi in Italy was named City Of Peace after the historical inter-religious meeting there in 1986. Therefore Francis' Prayer is an obvious choice for a worldwide peace choir.
The American composer Eric Whitacre created the concept of “Virtual choirs” and it has grown very popular in the last couple of years. We want to take the concept further by incorporating world peace into the message of the music and we think that a worldwide choir project is the ideal way to share this message.
Many choirs around the world have already shown their interest in the World Peace Choir and the community is still growing. The Norwegian Choir Association has written an article about the project on their website and the World Peace Choir has been featured on national Danish radio as well. We hope that you will help us share the message of peace too.
For an introduction about the project, see:
Listen to the demo of Francis’ Prayer – Sancta Maria here:
For more information about the project, visit
If you have any questions regarding the project don’t hesitate to contact me.
All the best,
Jonas Rasmussen
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