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Minutes--Fall 2012 Annual Meeting

Montana Choral Director’s Association
2012 Annual Meeting – October 18, 2012 
Great Falls High School, Great Falls, MT
President, Larry Swingen
President-Elect, Rhonda Burghardt
Vice-President, Patrick Ryan
Secretary, Nancy Labbe
Treasurer, Scott Corey
Historian, Kyla Morton
I.Call to Order and Introductions
Larry Swingen called the meeting to order and introduced the board members. 
A.Minutes were submitted by Nancy Labbe.  Corrections noted regarding Historian title.  Motion to accept made by Jessica Tidwell and seconded by Lindsey Wilkerson. The minutes were approved by the membership after correction.  
B.Treasurer’s report submitted by Scott Corey.  Youth Sing doing well as a fundraiser.  We have a certificate of deposit with over $13,000.  Motion to accept the report was made by Peggy Bucheit and Pat Ryan seconded the motion. The Treasurer’s report was approved by the membership as reported.
C.Historian, Kyla Morton:  Historic information gathered and saved digitally; making sure we are abiding by the IRS guidelines.
D.President:   Larry Swingen. 
1.ACDA Student Initiative:  college students can join ACDA for $5 – subsidized by us.  Membership numbers hovering around 100.  Encouraged members to recruit.
2.All-State rehearsal cds will no longer be produced by Kevin Allen-Schmid.  Jessica Tidwell volunteered to make 2013 MT All-state rehearsal cds. 
3.MCDA Website: Howard Meharg counted 770 hits on our MCDA website.  Larry  encouraged the membership to check out the website articles. 
4.National Convention:  MCDA is sending treasurer, Scott Corey, to the 2013 National ACDA Convention in Dallas, TX.
5.2013 Montana All-State Choral Conductor will be Dr. Axel Theimer.
6.MHSA Music Committee – Lindsey Wilkerson pointed out that several all-state choir members didn’t pass their on-site auditions this year but reminded the membership that the goal of the audition is to encourage students to be prepared. 
7.Lynn Ryan reported on the All-State Rehearsal.  Lynn said that Marc Hafso was pleased with the preparation and was very complimentary of our students. 
8.All-State Recorded Auditions: 
a.Jessica Tidwell helped to select all-state choir members via the on-line audition process and indicated that many directors seemed to be confused by the instruction sheet. Pat Ryan talked about the process of selecting all-state choir members and indicated that many recordings were disqualified for various problems – technological problems as well as conductor error.  Significant discussion followed and it was suggested we develop a tutorial for our website. 
b.Lindsey Wilkerson on behalf of MHSA thanked us for trying something new (digital audition submissions).  Since the process was new, there were several kinks to work out.  Lindsey reported that MHSA believes it would be too difficult to provide individual feedback as to why students were or were not selected.  In regards to technology issues involved with the digital audition process, MHSA is planning to designate a “tech person” in the Spring.  Questions/Comments: Jakob Whitkopp wondered what kind of preparation work is expected of the director?  Troy Bashor mentioned that there were several problems with the piano accompaniment parts.  He offered to computerize accompaniment for us.  Peggy Bucheit brought up the problem that we have to pay before students could be downloaded.  Lindsey agreed to put this on the MHSA agenda.  Other technology frustrations were mentioned.  Rhonda Burghardt is planning on coming up with a Listserve for choral directors (Shelley Clark volunteered to take this on). 
9.R & S Reports
a.Middle School – Ellen Forslund (wondered if anyone took MS students to the National Convention.)
b.Jazz Choir - Kim Lorengo
c.Children’s Choir -  Kathleen Brown
d.College/University – Dr. Steven Hart
e.Community Choir – Dean Peterson
f.Women’s Choir – Jill Whiteman
g.High School Choir – Peggy Bucheit
h.Men’s Choir - Lee Kirkegaard
i.Ethnic, Multicultural – Jessica Tidwell
10.Montana Youth Sing:
a.Kyla Morton:  March 1st in Frenchtown hosted by Ellen McKenzie at Frenchtown.  Dave Green, m.s. director & Karen Callan, elem. director
b. Rhonda Burghardt:  March 1st in Laurel; Troy Bashor, m.s. director & Erin Small, elem director
11.Retirement Awards:  Chris Bumgarner, Mary Dietz, Cathy Gillhouse, Nancy Ojala, and Barb Swaby.  We’d like to recognize these folks in the future.  Dean Peterson was selected for the MCDA Lifetime Achievement Award but regrettably had to miss the conference this year; his first absence since 1987. 
III.Old Business
A.Vote to amend MCDA Bylaws & Constitution (document was attached):  1) Article  V, Section 1 – add Historian as an officer;  2) Article V, Section 4 – the new MCDA President actually takes office the beginning the day following convention; 3) and 4) Article VIII, Section 1 and Article XI, Section 2 have to do with ... sixty-day notice of changes to constitution shall be given by mail, email, or other electronic means…; - moved and seconded.
B.Kirk Aamot:  MSU is partnering with MCDA to commission a 2013 All-State SATB choral piece from Ola Gjeilo.  Also, the all-state choir rehearsed at Wilson Auditiorium in the past but Dr. Aamot would like to hold rehearsals at Reynolds Recital Hall on the MSU campus.  
C.Pat Ryan Snapshop Survey – compiled survey results and will put it on the website.  42 people responded.
IV.New Business
A.Update R & S Positions – Jessica Tidwell created the site during our meeting. 
C.Paul Ritter:  announced project that the GF Symphonic choir is undertaking.  $1000 scholarship to a music major with a choral emphasis from MHSA Music District 6; this will become the Mary Moore Music Education Scholarship endowment.  
D.Kirk Aamot – MSU Men’s choir festival is being held January 26 and 27th
E.Nancy Labbe – MCDA Summer Class is being planned in conjunction with the International Choral Festival and Dr. David Edmonds at the UM in Missoula, July 17-20. 
F.Peggy Bucheit – concerned about MHSA sporting events that conflict with All-State Band, Choir, and Orchestra.  Peggy would like to draft a letter to MHSA to eliminate conflicts because very year our all-state event is being encroached upon.
G.Pat Ryan – brought up the idea of having two people run for MCDA president.  Pat motioned that in the future we have an election and consider changing our practice to what every other state does.  Discussion ensued and Larry Williams called for a vote. Lee Kirkegaard seconded the motion.  Motion passed 21 to 13. 
H.Meeting adjourned.  Thank you Larry Swingen for your work!