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Best Arrangements

Is there a section of the website (I guess in the forums) set up specifically for getting and making suggestions of people's favorites arrangements? This would be an area where I could just go to the "Favorite Arrangements" section, type in the name of the tune, and pull up all the postings for favorite arrangements of that tune. I could also add my own favorite. This would eliminate finding many related and unrelated postings from a general search.
If it doesn't exist, it would be a great tool. I often find a hymn, spiritual, gospel song, Christmas carol, folk tune, etc. that I want to do, and find many arrangements available, only some of which have audio and sample pages available. The only way to find the best one is to buy one copy of every arrangement and then pick one.
I know we can send out a separate message each time we want peoples' opinions, but it would be much more valuable to have it compiled in one place, with a table-like format.
Thank you,
Jim Cole
on February 16, 2014 11:52am
Hey Jim! I don't have a direct answer for you, but I can recomend a upcoming-program Im using thats focusing on saving songs in the cloud! Check out this nice video for more information:! :) 
Have a nice eavning!
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