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Gentle Reminders from the Moderation Team

Like so much of the ACDA world, ALL of the moderators on ChoralNet are volunteers who gift their time to help keep this sight energized, focused, and useful. Occasionally, the moderators are called upon to remind all of us about some of the guidelines that will allow the Choralnet experience to remain positive and appropriate.
So, the following comes to you from the team of dedicated ChoralNet moderators:
Greetings, loyal ChoralNet subscribers and friends,
As the new academic year gets underway, your volunteer ChoralNet Moderators wanted to communicate a few gentle reminders about some fundamental workings of the site. It'll take you less than a minute to read this, and it'll probably provide some valuable information to make your life a little easier!
There are three tabs (above) that contain all the categories for the places you can post messages on the site: Announcements, Forums, & Classifieds. If you're not sure where to post a message, please look through all of the categories first. Some examples:
Are you looking for volunteer singers for your choir? Post under Classifieds: Auditions: Volunteers.
Do you have music to sell? Post it under Classifieds: For Sale-New or For Sale-Used.
Are you posting a message about looking for a job? Classifieds: Employment: Jobs Wanted.
Are you looking to borrow or rent music? Classifieds: Need to borrow/rent/purchase music. (And put the title of the piece in the Headline box!)
Have a repertoire question? Forums: Repertoire Questions and Discussions.
Announcing your new CD? Announcements: New Recordings.
After you choose your category, please only post your message once. Don't post it in several different categories; they'll just be deleted. Multiple posts of the same information are not permitted. If you're not sure if you're putting it in the right place, just include a note to the moderator in your message. S/he will put it in the right category and edit out your note.
Please use the Preview button to check your message before you hit Submit. You can edit it to your heart's content until you hit the Submit button. After that, it's more complicated to make changes, and you'll have to contact us to do it.
Please don't post the same message repeatedly. Again, we don't want to overwhelm our users with repetitive messages, so duplicate posts will be discarded.
Are you posting your choir's tour schedule or season announcement? Don't create a separate message for each concert! Most of our subscribers don't live anywhere near you, so they don't want to get a dozen separate messages about tour or season concerts that are thousands of miles from where they live.
Are you including a link in your message? Don't include a humorously long link like this one:,r:19,s:200,i:61
It won't work (as you can see). When you're composing your message and you want to include a link, write something like "And you can view our website here." Highlight "here" and click on the little icon in the menu at the top of the message box that looks like a chain link. A box will appear where you can paste your long (or short) link, making it easier to access the information when the message is posted. You can do the same to create a link to a private email address.
Did you post a repertoire question? Did you get dozens of responses? That's great! Please think twice before posting dozens of replies that say little more than "thank you." While we love that you're grateful, remember, each post generates thousands of emails. Write one post that thanks everyone for their help and their valuable contributions. People will appreciate it more than receiving those dozens of "thank you" messages.
Before you post a question, please search for previous threads that might contain the information you're looking for (by using the Search tab). Chances are, there's information on the site already, so take advantage of our archives before posting the same questions about graduate school/risers/iPads/etc. again.
Replying to messages seems to be one of the more confusing things about the ChoralNet lists. We've tried many different systems over the years and while none has proved perfect, here's how the current system works:
To reply to a message publicly, just click any of the many Reply buttons on the page and your message, once checked by a moderator, will be added to the public thread.
To reply to someone privately, either click on the envelope icon next to their name, or click on the name itself. This will allow you to send a reply that is not posted to the public thread. This is useful if you're sending private contact information, for example. We encourage folks to reply to general questions publicly because the whole point of the site is to allow choral musicians around the world to share their knowledge with each other. 
There's a fine line between posting useful information and posting repeat advertisements for your company. We won't post multiple messages about good or services. If you run a tour company, a publishing company, an equipment company or provide a service that would be useful to our subscribers, please consider advertising on ChoralNet.
There are, of course, tons more resources on the site, and we encourage you to explore them all. If you'd like more information on any aspects of how to use the site, you can go to the Home tab and select Help, or just click here.
Thank you for using ChoralNet! Best wishes for a great new season!
  • Normally announcements aren't meant to be replied to, but if you need to contact the author, click on the icon next to the author's name above.