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individual composer website listings

I noticed, for example, Edwin Childs had created a link for his website and music ... it was in "most recent activity" in the right hand bar.
Only after using the search button could I find his link, alphabetized under "Edwin" ... perhaps a form or at least a sentence of instructions  might be given to the composers or publicisits who create the links to indicate how indexing is done?  
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on June 1, 2013 6:43am
Actually, there's already such a resource on ChoralNet, William. It's found under "Resources > Composers > Individual composer websites" (here's the resulting URL if you follow that path: There are over 200 links there, including the one for "Edwin T. Childs" (aka "Ed Childs"). As with most of the ChoralNet website, there's a "New..." button on that page for composers to submit their own link for inclusion.
on June 2, 2013 5:41am
Sorry my post wasn't clear: I was in fact referencing the Resources>Composers>Individual composer websites page, and how it works:
My point was that somehow Ed got alphabetized  under "E" and next door is Tom Eggleston, also under "E" .... so that a clue to the composers/publicists who create the listings using the "new" button on how to show correct alphabetizing would be helpful.  Either all by last name, or all by first name, but not a combination ...
Not a major thing, certainly, just thought I'd try to help in this little area ..
on June 3, 2013 5:18am
Ah, thanks for the clarification--I see the problem now. I think it's because the ChoralNet staff member who used to manage that page, Allen Simon, set it up to alphabetize properly only if he linked just the composer's last name, and that's not been done on the more recent additions to that list, presumably added since Allen's position was eliminated. I'll drop a note to ChoralNet's Manager so that he can fix this.
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