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Accent Choir

Category: Children's and Youth Choirs
Category: School Choirs
Voicing: Children
Location: Racine Unified School District - Racine, Wisconsin, USA
This ensemble exceeds my highest expectations. They serve as role models for all of my students; not immediately but as the year progresses they live up to that role.
The Accent Choir provides a unique opportunity for the students to explore several aspects of communication. More so, we will seek to understand what we communicate and how we communicate.
The music we will explore and perform will focus on language, poetry, folk tales, stories of old and new, and the sharing of ideas and customs across cultures. This Spring (2013) our featured music will include Carolyn Jennings - Join the Dance Suite, which was written from text from "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice found there". 

This Spring, Accent Choir gave 7 performances which included the Racine Area Manufacturing and Commerce Excellence in Education Banquet at the Racine Marriott, Area Festival at Case high School, 2013 Gifford Carnival Flash Mob, University of Wisconsin Parkside Choral Concert in collaboration with the Voices of Parkside, and 3 concerts at Gifford in collaboration with the Gifford Singers, Gifford Orchestra and Music Institute of Chicago SWAT singers, Red Apple "Apple Chor" and "Apple Peal" and Childrens Choir of Teh Internet - Our Musical Life. 

Most music for Accent choir is arranged for 2-part voices, or more, to strengthen independence and section while reinforcing ensemble. Multi-part singing also gives comfort to diverse voices so an audition is necessary. EVERYONE IS ACCEPTED!!! but I need to assign parts that support healthy vocal development.