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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Composition Showcase Terms and Conditions

Posting Guidelines, Terms and Conditions (v.10/19/2015)
You must join the Composers of Choral Music Community.  Do so by logging in to ChoralNet.  Then go here and click on the "Join this community" button just above the blue line on the right of your screen. 
To accept the terms and conditions, send a message to Jack Senzig.  You may copy and paste the following "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions for use of the Composition Showcase on ChoralNet.  Please make me an editor."   Include your name.
You must be at least 21 years old to post to this marketplace without verification.
Composers 18-20 years old must submit their work for review and verification by the owner of this community or his designee(s). 
Only works by members of the Composers of Choral Music Community (CCMC) may be posted.
Post only materials you own or have copyright permission to post. You alone are legally responsible for any copyright infringement of works you post.
Post no more than eleven of your finest most marketable pieces total.
Post no more than three entries in the same voicing category (SATB SAB SSAA SSA SA TTBB TB UNISON).
You may post two additional pieces of a seasonal nature in any voicing; one for Lent/Spring/Easter and one for Fall/Winter.  Seaonal works have a text that is clearly about Lent, Easter, Spring, Fall, Winter or December/January holidays. 
Occasional changes may be made to the upload limits.  Additional pieces may be allowed for promotional reasons.  Read through the community forum for information about additional seasonal uploads.
Be concise.
      Use no more than two lines of a default Page's window for any line entry except as noted below. 
      Use the line "More info" for info you deem important i.e. duration language, text etc. but use no more than 4 lines  
      of a default Page's window including the More Info text.
      On the "More Links" entry, use no more than 4 lines of a default page's window.
The owner of this community, ACDA employees or their designee may remove any piece from this marketplace that is considered outside of the professional brand of ChoralNet, ACDA or this marketplace without warning or explanation.  ("outside the professional brand" is mostly there to prevent abusive or sexually explicit content)
Those who are made editors for the purpose of uploading or displaying their works may not edit or alter the works or displays of other users nor take on other editting duties without permission of the community owner. If you accidently delete something, you must let the owner of this community know as soon as possible. 
If you make edits to your own entries, please message Jack Senzig to let him know it was done.
You may post full or partial sound recordings and PDFs of your works.  Although you may post without a sound recording it is recommended that you make some sort of performance recording, virtual or choral, available.  
You must post a PDF of the score of your piece that includes at least the Title, Composer and copyright information as well as at least one page of the musical score.  More would be appreciated.
Use this marketplace at your own risk.
You will not hold Jack (Jon) Senzig, ChoralNet, ACDA, its employees or volunteers or community editors in any way responsible for damage to you including but not limited to intellectual property, financial or reputation as a result of using the Composition Showcase. 
You hereby recognize that Jack (Jon) Senzig and editors of this community are volunteers and have no authority over the decisions made by ChoralNet or ACDA neither do they represent ChoralNet or the ACDA in any legal manner. 
You give the editors of this community permission to manipulate the information you have uploaded for the purposes of display or functionality. 
These posting guidelines, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  It is your responsibility to check back periodically.
If you choose to use a system outside of ChoralNet for the collection of information about your entries, you do so at your own risk.

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