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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

We're back...and glad to be here!

Welcome back to ChoralNet! As many of you have noticed, ChoralNet and were knocked off the Internet last Friday due to a "perfect storm" of major network issues at the ACDA office (Power problems? Check. Upstream outage? Check. ISP issues? Check. Firewall issues? Check.).
As of yesterday, we're now all back up and running on a temporary server platform in the Seattle area. This is the network equivalent of moving into an extended-stay hotel while your house gets raised and the basement replaced. Once the dust settles, ACDA Information Systems Manager Jose Tellez and I will be working to build out a more permanent solution that will be more reliable and resilient. Prior to moving ChoralNet inside the ACDA office network last September, ChoralNet had seen no more than about eight hours of downtime total in the eight years I've been ChoralNet Manager. I was quite proud of our former reliability record, and rest assured that I'm as equally frustrated as you are (and very likely more so!) about having ChoralNet offline without prior notice for any period longer than 30 minutes, much less 30 hours. As ChoralNet is an essential part of our professional life and community, we all depend on it being there "all day every day". This is the longest downtime in the history of ChoralNet, and we apologize profusely for it.
There is, however, one remaining issue we know of: If you're on Yahoo or (particularly) Hotmail, your ChoralNet mail may be getting dropped or delayed at this point due to the change in server platform and the way that Yahoo and Hotmail perform spam filtering. We expect that this should be resolved over the next 24 hours; if you usually receive ChoralNet emails and don't receive any after tomorrow, please let us know. (Of course, you can also go to My ChoralNet > Read all my subscriptions to catch up on everything).
Thank you for your continued support and trust, and we apologize once again for the service disruption.
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