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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Welcome to the Composers of Choral Music Community

The Choral Composers' Composition Showcase

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A Little Marketplace of New Music


You're invited to browse our unique collection of quality music by living composers.  Community members have been asked to select just a few of their very best works.  Both well-known and relatively unknown composers are represented here in a wide variety of styles and voicings.  Take a look and discover something brand new.

Listings generally include sound files and full or partial PDF scores, along with voicing and accompaniment information.  Most have links to the composer's ChoralNet profile and/or personal website.

Purchasing:  The music is not being sold directly through ChoralNet.  When you find something you like, the "Cost and Method" and "Link to Purchase Page" will indicate how to complete the purchase.  Some composers have commercial websites to handle sales, and some just require a "Message Me" or email contact.

If you enjoy the music you find here, please let us know.  Or better yet, pass on a recommendation to fellow conductors.  Thanks for your time.



You are invited to post up to ten of your compositions to the Showcase, including no more than three per voicing (plus one "seasonal" selection).  The community will not sell your music directly, but will allow conductors to view your work and contact you to complete the purchase.
Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. No money travels through ChoralNet. ChoralNet, ACDA, their employees, Jack Senzig and other editors of this community are in no way responsible for the content of these entries or the quality or content of uploaded files.  Copyright infringements (if any) are the responsibility of the uploader.
Although I claim no responsibility for the content on these pages, if you find material that is offensive, unprofessional, or that you believe violates your copyrights, contact me and I will review the material and attempt to remedy the offense.  Jack Senzig

Join the Community

This is a place for conductors to explore new music and for composers to offer mutual support.  All are invited.  You can join the community and post in the forum or message the Owner/Editor, Jack Senzig.  If you do not receive a return message within 48 hours contact community editor, Greg Bartholomew.  


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