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Commercialization of ChoralNet

In a post in another forum on a completely different topic, someone wrote:  " Creating premium membership services that are monetizable for ACDA will eventually benefit the site. Give most content for free but allow special services for a price. Yahoo has free email. I have several accounts. In order to get all of my email forwarded to one account I need to pay a premium. Wordpress is an excellent free blogging software but they have special services for a price. This is a template used all accross [sic] the web. Recognize members of the elite club with a special icon."
I, for one, would hate to see ChoralNet turn into any kind of economically-tiered website, with some (most?) users being able to access "most" content/services, while others ("members of the elite club") with greater financial resources are able to access "special services."
Generating enough resources to keep any organization and its services functioning well is extremely challenging now, I realize, but I sincerely hope that ChoralNet maintains its "ALL content/services available to ALL" mindset as it undergoes its transition and redesign.
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on November 8, 2011 9:47am
I have heard of no concrete proposal for paid membership to ChoralNet. However, we are planning to incorporate most of the content from the ACDA website over the next year, and some of that content is restricted to ACDA members only — that restriction would presumably remain in place.
on November 10, 2011 6:43am
I'm sure that a LOT of users would agree with Julia. There's already "monetization" options for ChoralNet/ACDA in advertising, sponsorship/partnerships, etc. As the ACDA web content is incorporated here, I think that care must be taken to clarify the "whys and wherefores" of restricting content (and I understand the need to do so), but that besides for the ACDA-specific material, we do NOT go down the road of creating any sort of "elite club" on ChoralNet, as proposed by the person Julia quoted.
on November 10, 2011 9:05am
Agreed--I have no problem with the concept of some material and/or services only being made available to those who are members of ACDA.  I do object, however, to the development of ANY "special services for a fee" for people within either access category, "only ACDA members" (having access to ACDA-specific material and everything else) or "nonmembers" or "visitors" (having access to everything except ACDA-specific material), that would create economic barriers to full participation in and enjoyment of the website.  
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