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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Creating and editing community webpages

Community pages allow you to expand your community into a website.
To create the first comunity page, choose Pages from the More... menu on the community navigation bar. From the empty Pages listing, click on New Page, enter its title and content, and click Submit. Your page will now appear in the right sidebar, and the Pages tab will now appear on the community navigation. To create another page, click on New Page again. 
To edit an existing page, view it and click on the Edit button. You can continue to edit the pages as long as you are an editor of the Community. ChoralNet users who are subscribed to your Community will be sent new pages in their subscriptions, but not edited ones.
Pages can be created in a hierarchy. When viewing an existing page, click on the Add Child button to create a sub-page of that page. You can make your hierarchy as deep and complex as you need. Child pages will automatically be shown at the bottom of every page. When you edit an existing page, you can use the Child Of menu at the bottom of the edit screen to change the page's position in the hierarchy.
Only the top-level pages appear in the right sidebar.

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