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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Agenda-Fall 2011 Meeting


Montana Choral Directors Association   
Montana Choral Directors Association
2011 Annual Meeting~SkyView High School

I.                  Call to Order—Introductions

a.      Larry Swingen, President          
b.     Rhonda Burkhardt, Pres. Elect   
c.     Patrick Ryan, Vice President     
d.     Nancy Labbe, Secretary            
e.      Scott Corey, Treasurer             
f.       Kyla Morton, Archivist    

II.               Reports

a.      Secretary: Nancy Labbe
b.     Treasurer: Scott Corey
c.     President:: Larry Swinge
        i.      ACDA New
        ii.      Choralnet
        iii.      ChoralBuzz “Monday Motivation--Music, like religion, unconditionally brings in its train all the moral virtures to the heart it enters, even though the heart is not in the least worthy.  ~ Jean Baptiste Montegut
        iv.      Choral Blog
1.       “Choral Caffeine: A Little Vocal Care”,
2.       “The State of ACDA”,
3.       “How to faint at your Next Choir Concert
             vi.      ACDA website—
2.     ACDA Radio
    vii.      MCDA website—Check out the new information from your     R & S chair-people. Also Very Interesting articles.
    viii.      ACDA Nat’l Convention 2011, Chicago. Stay tuned.
d.     All-State Choir Chair: Amy Logan
e.      All-State Auditions: Lindsey Wilkerson
f.       Patrick Ryan, Survey results
g.     MHSA Music Committee Representative: Lindsey Wilkerson
h.     R & S Reports
           i.      Middle School:                Ellen Forslund
           ii.      Jazz:                               Kim Lorengo
           iii.      Children:                         (Mary Dietz)
           iv.      College/University:                    Steven Hart
           v.      Community:                              (Dean Peterson)
           vi.      Women:                          Jill Whiteman
           vii.      High School:                             Peggy Leonardi
          viii.      Men:                               (Patrick Ryan)
           ix.      Ethnic & Multicultural:     (Janet Morgenstern)
i.        Montana Youth Sing
           i.      Western: Kyla Morton
           ii.      Eastern: Rhonda Burkhardt

                 III.           MCDA Lifetime Achievement Award: presented by Lindsey Wilkerson

                IV.            Old Business

a.      Summer Institute
b.     ChoralNet
V.               New Business
a.     New officer: Archivist
b.     R & S positions
c.     New choral music commission with MSU Bozeman
VI.            Announcements, Dates, Adjournment
a.      Northwest Divisional Conference March 15-18, 2012, Seattle,WA
b.     MMEA/MCDA Conference in Great Falls, 2012:  US Army Soldiers Chorus
c.     International Choir Festival Missoula July 17-21, 2013