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Donald Patriquin submitted a post as a follow-up to a recent thread about ChoralNet:
"This post is in response to the many replies made to Charles Chapman’s provocative statement: Why ChoralNet is not "taking off" It would be useful for concerned readers to make specific suggestions as to how to make ChoralNet more useful, more user friendly, more used, and whatever else might be needed to improve it generally. I suggest this not become a forum for debate or praise, both of which may be continued on the original discussion page ("
First of all, let me reiterate that Mr. Chapman's original message mis-quoted Jim Feiszli's blog post. ChoralNet has taken off just fine! Jim was talking about ChoralNet Communities (which you can find under the purple tab on the ChoralNet home page). In the meantime, all of us have enjoyed reading the many messages praising our service to the choral community. We're glad we add meaning to so many lives by helping to make your work more productive and interesting.
Rather than beginning a new thread in the Choral Discussions section of our website via Donald's message, we want to direct you to this Forum category, which is specifically designated for this purpose: Website Suggestions. We're always happy to hear from our users about things they'd like to see on the site or suggestions for various improvements. So feel free to reply to this message with your thoughts. And any other time you're on the site and you think of something you'd like but you can't find, send us a suggestion through Forums: Website Suggestions.
Thanks for your input, and thank you for using ChoralNet!
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on September 20, 2011 6:01am
Howdy Frank--
As a relative newbie to ChoralNet (a few months), and as only a composer (never been a conductor, only a choir member and now a composer), it would help me to be able to frame some intelligent suggestions about improving the website if I knew exactly what the major purposes and specific goals are of ChoralNet from the administration's point of view. Yes, I've already read the "About" info, and the history--interesting, but not quite what I need. 
Knowing the top five or ten or however many current goals, desired outcomes, main reasons-for-existing, etc. would help me, and others too, I think, be able to suggest things that would not only be useful to us as individuals with our own particular wants and needs, but the entire ChoralNet community as a whole. As a composer and not a conductor, I may view ChoralNet very differently than most users, so knowing a lot more would help prevent major faux pas.  Thanks! 
on September 20, 2011 7:42am
IMHO, not much needs to change to ChoralNet.  However, would it be possible that under my profile, there's a way to select a news item or posting as a "favorite".  Because so much is posted on ChoralNet, I would love to save postings that I love and return to them several weeks or months down the road.
Keep up the great work with ChoralNet!
on September 20, 2011 8:59am
I've clicked on your name and discovered you are a member of several ChoralNet Communities.  You have the ability as just a member of those communities to "tag" threads you think apply to that community.  As an example, you are a member of the Easteren ACDA Community, so if you see a concert, perhaps in New Jersey, you could "tag" it so the rest of the Community can see it see it on that Communities home page--it would be to the left and would say "Tagged Items".  That's a way of doing what you suggest right now.  Perhaps, it could be configured down the line to include your User page.
on September 20, 2011 3:05pm
Hi Marie -
Maybe I'm just really dense today, but I just don't see where I can tag items.  For example, if I click on "Publishers that understand »" under the blog posting, I don't see the option to tag the posting.  Of course it could also be my browser...
on September 20, 2011 4:38pm
Scroll to the bottom of the page, down below the replies.  You will notice a list of your own, personal ChoralNet Communities.  Click on the Community you think it should go under--your ACDA Chapter Community?--and click on it.  VOILA--you've tagged it and you should see the Community name.  I will tag that item to one of my own communities and then remove it later, so you can see.  Should be no problem.
on September 21, 2011 6:08am
Hi Marie -
I see what you're talking about.  When I view my profile, I would love to have all of the items I've tagged in one place.  Honestly I don't use the ChoralNet Communities that much.  I don't why I haven't found them useful.  Personally, I would rather submit a query to the choralnet main page.  I might have a question regarding children's choirs at my church.  I feel that by posting it on choralnet's main page, I will get more people reading that post. 
on September 21, 2011 12:08pm
I think you have a good idea, Austen, and I know the ChoralNet-Powers-That-Be will at least look at the feasiblity of what you suggest.  In the meantime, try tagging things to your various Communities--I only meant you could tag things until your suggestion could be implimented--if it can be.
The ChoralNet Communities are really what started this whole thing off.  We are trying to figure out how they can be easier or more attractive to use for all.
I would agree with you--you will probably get more people to respond to a query if you post it to the group at large.  You could try posting it to the whole of ChoralNet and then tagging it in the corresponding Community.  Or, you could post to the whole group and then post it again to your particular Community--to get more bang for your buck.
The Administrators of ChoralNet are really creative folks and are open to suggestions on how to make it better......ChoralNet is ALWAYS evolving!
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