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Why the very bad change?

Hi!  In the last day or so, there has been a change in the messages that go out as email, and it is a BIG MISTAKE rather than an improvement of any kind.
Previously there was a URL provided that connected directly with the original message on ChoralNet and allowed immediate replies (as well as showing the other messages on that same thread).
Now that URL has disappeared and it's been replaced by:  "URL: /view/282878" (one that I just picked at random).
That is NOT a valid link, and it no longer connects to the ChoralNet page with the original post on it.
It seems that someone changed something (or maybe it's cosmic rays!), but it really needs to be changed back.  There's currently no quick and convenient way to access the posts on ChoralNet.
John Howell
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on April 13, 2011 1:58pm
This was an accident which has since been fixed. In fact, we sent out a second round of ChoralNet Dailies and daily subscription emails with corrected URLs. Sorry about that.
on April 14, 2011 7:23am
John - periodic upgrades get made to the programming that makes ChoralNet work by ChoralNet's Manager and Webmaster. They are tested in a separate, non-public version of ChoralNet and then applied, usually without any particular fanfare or announcement (except for really major changes). The most recent update had several bugs in it, including the one that broke the URLs in the ChoralNet Daily and Subscriptions messages. I immediately reported the problem and they rushed out a fix (as Allen mentioned).
There are a couple of bugs remaining today, but Allen and Martin are working on fixing them. They include problems with the user-customization of the placement of items on the Home page and on Community pages.
on May 18, 2011 8:00am
Has this bug returned?
on May 18, 2011 9:26am
Yes, but then it was quickly exterminated again by Martin Knowles, ChoralNet's Manager.
David T
on May 18, 2011 8:44am
Good news! It appears that as of today (18 May 2011), problems with the customizations of both the Home page and of Community pages have been resolved. Good work, Martin and Allen.
David T
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