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Concert promotion

This might be a bit ambitious, but it would be cool if users could register one or more zip codes in which they have interest as well as performance types in which they are interested. The website could then generate an email (perhaps every other week) listing upcoming choral performances that take place within a specified distance of the given zip code and that conform to the performance types that the user lists as being of interest (ex. Collegiate choral ensembles). This would facilitate concert attendance by our community of choral music lovers and encourage the multitude of choral ensembles that exist to list their performances on the site. I recently attended a performance by the FSU University Singers as they toured through Atlanta. The concert was free and the crowd was appreciative but relatively modest in size. I was convinced that in a city the size of Atlanta, there had to be MANY more lovers of choral music who would have loved a free concert. If we really got ambitious, an iPhone app could be written that would not only alert you to upcoming performances in your area, but could add the concert to your calendar with a simple click. (Hey, I can at least dream.)
on March 26, 2011 3:30pm
We've never really attempted to have a comprehensive concert calendar, on the theory that we're an international website and concerts are mostly of local interest. ChoralNet is principally interested in concert listings inasmuch as it provides repertoire and concert-theme ideas for other ensembles. Last time we tried having a calendar we never got much more than a concert or two per weekend, out of the thousands which take place.
I see we have a pretty substantial listing in the Concerts category now, though. Our current Location schema is state- (or country- ) based, but of course some states are pretty large, and some people live near country boundaries. I'll give some thought to the zip-code idea, though, and try to figure out how to estimate zip-to-zip distances.
Concert types are trickier, because everyone has their own mental classification system. The one we use now on ChoralNet is minimal, but pretty unambiguous. But any more granular and it just leads to disagreements.
on March 27, 2011 6:16am
The basic problem with this idea is that ChoralNet's target audience is choir directors, not amateur choral music enthusiasts. This is why such a thing has never been attempted here. However, there are other choral concert calendar websites, most of them regional, listed in the "Concert Calendars" section of the Resources area here:
Unless the user base significantly changes, I don't think the effort of setting up such a system would be worthwhile. "If you build it, they won't necessarily come."
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