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FEMALE Choir Directors - PLEASE HELP

Dear Colleagues,
My name is Jaclyn Johnson and I am currently completing my Master’s Degree in Choral Conducting with Dr.
Jonathan Talberg at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. My thesis
topic is entitled “Does the High School Female Vocal Teacher Adequately Address the Vocal Needs of Male Singers?”
A thorough review of research has not provided literature on this topic. The following survey will assist me
in gathering information; therefore, I am requesting your assistance by taking a few minutes to complete the following
survey. Additional comments or information you would like to provide is welcomed and encouraged.
Please complete the survey only if you meet the following requirements:
1. You are a female choir teacher.
2. You currently teach (or previously taught) high school choir.
3. You teach (or previously taught) high school male singers.
Thank you for your willingness to participate. Please visit the following link to complete the survey.
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on March 18, 2011 4:02am
Hi, Jaclyn -- I've done a large number of interviews with high school boys around the world about their experiences singing in choirs (or not).  Nearly all mention this topic since male choral music teachers are unknown to most of them.  I encourage you to read my research articles on this topic (start with the ones in International Journal of Music Education); we can then be in touch with any follow-up questions that may arise.
Congratulations on choosing an important topic!
Patrick Freer
Georgia State University
on March 18, 2011 2:30pm
Thank you Patrick!  I will read the article and get in touch with you.  Please forward the link to any female directors you know that have or have previously taught hs.    :)
on March 19, 2011 12:35pm
Hello, Jaclyn.  I have just completed your survey and wish you well on your study.  A retired choral teacher still living in Long Beach, I was a member of the first Freshman Class at CSULB.  I would be pleased to meet with you, personally, to discuss my vocal teaching methods and experiences.
Carla Strandberg, Director
Women of Note
on January 25, 2015 7:01am
Hello!  I have been looking for your thesis based on the results of this study, but with no luck!  Could you please point me to where I may find a copy?
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