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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Minutes - Fall 2010 Annual Meeting

Montana Choral Directors Association
2010 Annual Meeting- Hellgate High School, Missoula
October 14, 2010
  1. Call to Order and Introductions:
Patrick Ryan, President             
Larry Swingen, President-Elect 
Janet Fox, Vice-President          
Nancy Labbe, Secretary            
Scott Corey, Treasurer                   
Guest Comments:  National Executive Director, Dr. Tim Sharp.  Dr. Sharp congratulated Montana on having the greatest percentage of ACDA (membership) increases last year.  Dr. Sharp then called upon the membership to mentor new ACDA members. 
  1. Reports
  2.  Secretary’s Report
The minutes from last year’s meeting were distributed.  Peggy Leonardi moved to accept the minutes and Jessica Tidwell seconded. 
  1.  Tresurer’s Report: 
Financial status reviewed by Scott Corey.  Dean Peterson moved to approve the budget.  Dave Buness seconded the motion. 
  1.  President’s Report:
  2. Patrick has been working with the IRS and financial advisor Fred Luety to become a 501(c)(3) corporation.  Still not quite approved as of October 14 but eventually we will be our own official non-profit.  Paul Ritter asked that Patrick explain what “affiliate status” means.  Patrick explained that our organization (MCDA) pre-dates ACDA.  When ACDA was formed, the states that already had chapters joined ACDA but maintained a separate identity as an affiliate status.  Affiliates enjoy more control over their own finances and make more of their own rules.
  3. Patrick went to Chicago and met with all of the state presidents and was inspired.  He sees the ACDA moving forward.  He encouraged the membership to go to the National Convention in Chicago this year. 
  4. ACDA Website:  Get on!  There is very helpful and powerful stuff!
  5. All-State Audition Concerns: 
  6. Be certain you are recording the voice parts correctly.
  7. The audition should be recorded in a venue where there is no background noise.
  8. Be sure to start the audition exercises on the correct pitches.
  9. Please avoid sending in blatantly poor quality audition recordings. 
Steve Mickelson wanted to know if there is any feedback for students who are not selected.  Patrick mentioned that is an MHSA matter.  Dean Peterson spoke about the process.  There is a scoring list that screeners are supposed to use as a guideline.  It was suggested that the list be posted on our website.  Screeners DID contact teachers whose recordings weren’t submitted in an audible format.  They were given an opportunity to resubmit them via email using an mp3 file.  A discussion ensued and could be continued on ChoralNet.
  1. All-State Choir Chair:  Gary Funk did not show up to give report.  He was busy with the all-state choir.
  2. All-State Choir Auditions:  Dean Peterson
  3. Use your discretion when sending students’ recordings in.  Auditions are already overwhelming for all-state screeners.  Be more selective in the quality of the recordings you submit.     
  4. Be sure students are ELIGIBLE when auditioning for all state. 
  5. Include teacher’s summer contact information when filling out forms.  It makes it easier for screeners to contact you if an mp3 file is corrupt. 
  1.  MHSA Music Committee Representative:  Dean Peterson/Mary Svenvold
  2. Eligibility:  Dean pointed out that students MUST be registered for THE major performing group in order to participate with that specific group in the district music festival.  They must be signed up for the course in order to participate.  If the student is registered for an independent study class, that is acceptable. 
  3. Behavior at the state solo and ensemble festival in the hallways needs attention.  The directors need to step up and monitor hallways.  The behavior problems are disrupting the performances.
  4. If a district needs to change the date of their district festival, they need to work with the MHSA office in order to make the change.
  5. District Festival financial reports must be made in a more timely manner. 
  6. MHSA will decide in January if we are going to be able to set up on-line auditions for All-State 2011!  Hooray! 
  1. R&S Chair Reports:  R&S Chairs are as follows: 
  2. Middle School – Ellen Forslund
  3. Jazz Choirs – Vacant (now filled by Shelly Clark)
  4. Children’s Choirs – Mary Dietz
  5. College/University – Steven Hart
  6. Community Choirs – Dean Peterson
  7. High School – Lynn Ryan
  8. Women’s Choirs – Lindsey Wilkerson
  9. Men’s Choir – Brent Volf
  10. Ethnic & Multicultural – Vacant (now filled by Jessica Tidwell)
Ellen Forslund, wrote an article for the webpage which includes tried and true repertoire suggestions.  Lindsey Wilkerson is putting together a survey which will be emailed to the membership.
Peter Park announced that Dolce Canto will be sponsoring a community chorus festival in Missoula near the end of January, 2012.  Anton Armstrong will be the guest clinician for a full day workshop.  Contact Peter Park if interested. 
  1. Montana Youth Sing.  Registration forms can be found online.  The Western MYS will be March 4th.   Kyla Morton is the organizing chair and announced the guest directors are Kara Bell (elem) and Peter Park (ms).  Teddi Smotherman is the organizing chair for the eastern MYS which will be held February 25th.   Guest conductors will be Rhonda Burghardt (ms) and Amy Logan (elem). 
  1. MCDA Lifetime Achievement Award:  presented by Dean Peterson to JOHN HAUGHEY via cell phone.  Terry Annalora will receive his award next year! 
  2. Old Business:  R & S Chair Appointments:  Jessica Tidwell volunteered to be the Ethnic and Multicultural Chair and Shelly Clark will be the Jazz Choir Chair. 
  3. New Business:
  4. ChoralNet:  Check it out!  It’s a powerful tool.
  5. Summer Institute:  Try to co-op with Wyoming ACDA.  They’re probably going to host in Jackson Hole.  Maybe the MCDA can host an institute along with the International Choral Festival.
  6. New President-Elect:  Rhonda Burghardt was nominated and selected unanimously! 
  7. Announcements:  MENC All NW in Bellevue in February; ACDA National Convention in Chicago in March; MMEA/MCDA Conference in Billings in October, 2011.