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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Minutes - Fall 2009 Annual Meeting

Montana Choral Directors Association
October 15th, 2009---Bozeman High School
Patrick Ryan, President
Janet Fox, Vice-President
Larry Swingen, President-Elect
Kyla Morton, Secretary
Scott Corey, Treasurer
I.              Call to Order
The membership opened by singing “Shenandoah”, Patrick Ryan called to order the regular meeting of the MCDA at 12:45 P.M. and introductions were made.  Our guests included Dr. Gary Weidenaar of Central Washington University; Barbara Greer, MENC National President; Nancy Murdock, MMEA President; and Brittany Wiser, Miss Montana.
Brittany Wiser let us know about an endowed fund in Esther England’s name for vocal scholarships.
Pat and Lynn Ryan reported on their trip to National ACDA in Oklahoma City.  They urged us all to make an effort to get to the National conference.  Dr. Weidenaar reported that this year’s convention was exceptional.  He also commented on the great job Tim Sharp is doing as our ACDA executive director.
II.             Reports
a.     Secretary’s Report
The minutes from last year’s meeting were distributed.  Jessica Tidwell moved to accept them, and Dean Peterson seconded.  The minutes were approved.
b.    Treasurer’s Report
Scott Corey pointed out the payment for the website as well as new tax ID #.
Shelley Clark moved to accept the report, Janet Fox seconded, and the report was approved.
c.     President’s Report
i.                     Pat and Lynn Ryan reported on their trip to National ACDA in Oklahoma City.  They urged us all to make an effort to get to the National conference.  Dr. Weidenaar reported that this year’s convention was exceptional.  He also commented on the great job Tim Sharp is doing as our ACDA executive director.
ii.                   Northwest Division ACDA March 10-13th in Seattle.  Pat congratulated Steve Michelson’s Ambience from Helena High School, and Peter Park and Dolce Canto on being selected to perform there.  There is a great lineup, including the Soweto Gospel Choir.  Honor Choir participants will be posted October 23rd.  Peggy Leonardi mentioned the ill-timing of All-NW auditions, but Pat didn’t think there was much we could do about it. 
Ellen Forslund let the membership know that there were still a few openings in the All-NW Children’s Honor Choir.
2010 MMEA in Missoula
iii.                 2010 MMEA, Missoula
Pat urged us to drop him any ideas for convention that we might have. 
iv.                 2010 All-State Choir-
Pat will be looking into honor choir directors.
v.                   MCDA 501(c)3 incorporation.  Pat reported that we were in the process of becoming a non-profit with the help of Fred Luety in Missoula.  The deadline is December 1st.  Having this status will make things like endowments possible.
d.       All-State Choir Rehearsal Report—Dr. Kirk Aamot reported that the rehearsals were going extremely well.  Dr. Shangkuan appreciates the humane director’s schedule.  She was also using the literature to help teach the kids different perspectives.
e.       All-State Choir Auditions Report—Dean Peterson reported that auditions were about the same as last year.  He reminded us that the director does really need to be involved in the kids learning their music.  If there are extenuating circumstances which might affect the audition adversely, let Dean know.  Jessica Tidwell felt it was sending a bad message if kids still get to sing even after failing the audition.
f.        MHSA Music Committee Representative Mary Svenvold passed out the MHSA talking points.  She reported that All-State and All-NW audition materials will be more aligned.  However, at the all-state level, numerous duplicate auditions will not be considered.  For MENC All-NW, you can do multiple recordings.  Festival forms will be on the MHSA website.  Mary wrapped up by reminding us to invite our administrators to our fall meetings.
g.       R & S Chair Reports—Dean Peterson would like to compile a list of Community Choirs in our State.  If any of us do, drop Dean a line on email.  He has really enjoyed working with older voices to help them learn great singing technique.  Steve Michelson gave us the website of his choir,  There were no other R & S reports.
h.       Montana Youth Sing—The date for Montana Youth Sing is March 14th.   Check the MCDA website for more information.  Congratulations to Peggy Leonardi for conceiving of this festival and its musical and financial success for MCDA.
III.               Old Business
a.        The website is up!  The cost is $300/year to maintain.  Chris Bumgarner moved to pay the fee annually;  Ellen Forslund seconded, and the membership unanimously agreed.
b.       R & S Chair Responsibilities—Pat Ryan let us know that the chairs need to be more active.  The website is a perfect place to publish and article as well as our repertoire lists out.  Active R & S leaders make us more viable.  Brent Volf volunteered to chair the Men’s Choir Chair.
c.       Fee structure for membership…  It was unanimously agreed upon to subsidize membership to $40 for members with a membership in MBA, MGMTA, or MSTA.
IV.                New Business
a.       Pat Ryan discussed the national reorganization of ACDA and encouraged us to check out the national website often.
b.       Nancy Labbe was presented as the nomination for Secretary.  She was unanimously voted into that position.
c.       Pat Ryan explained that it was time for our annual financial audit.   The membership unanimously voted to pay for that audit.
V.                   Other—Shelley Clark talked about using the List Serve idea to facilitate more open dialogue between choral directors.  She also encouraged the use of MySpace/Facebook for the same purpose.  She encouraged the membership to drop by the MCDA booth this afternoon if you would like more information on Facebook.
The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 1:56 P.M.