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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Agenda - Fall 2010 Meeting


Montana Choral Directors Association 2010 Annual Meeting
I.                     Call to Order and Introductions
Patrick Ryan, President                       
Larry Swingen, President-Elect        
Janet Fox, Vice-President                  
Nancy Labbe, Secretary                                      
Scott Corey, Treasurer                         
Guest Comments: National Executive Director, Dr. Tim Sharp
II.                  Reports
a.       Secretary: Nancy Labbe
b.      Treasurer: Scott Corey
c.       President: Patrick Ryan
                                                                                       i.      MCDA 501(c)3 Incorporation
                                                                                     ii.      National Leadership Meeting
                                                                                    iii.      National website, ChorTeach
                                                                                   iv.      ACDA National Convention, Chicago, March 9-12
                                                                                     v.      All-State & Region Recordings
d.      All-State Choir Chair: Gary Funk
e.      All-State Choir Auditions: Dean Peterson
f.        MHSA Music Committee Representative: Mary Svenvold
g.       R&S Chair Reports
i.                     Middle School – Ellen Forslund
ii.                   Jazz Choirs – VACANT
iii.                  Children’s Choirs – VACANT
iv.                 College/University – Steven Hart
v.                   Community Choirs – Dean Peterson
vi.                 High School – VACANT
vii.                Women’s Choirs – Jill Whiteman
viii.              Men’s Choirs – Brent Volf
ix.                 Ethnic & Multicultural – VACANT
h.      Montana Youth Sing: Kyla Morton and Teddi Smotherman
III.                MCDA Lifetime Achievement Awards: presented by Dean Peterson & Lindsey Wilkerson
IV.                Old Business
a.       R & S Chair Responsibilities
b.      R & S Appointments
V.                  New Business
a.       ChoralNet
b.      Summer Institute
c.       Election of President-Elect
VI.                Announcements, Dates, Adjournment
a.       MENC All-NW Honor Choir & Convention in Bellevue February 17-20, 2011
b.      ACDA National Honor Choirs & Convention in Chicago March 9-12, 2011
c.       MMEA/MCDA Conference in Billings October, 2011