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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Minutes - Fall 2008 Annual Meeting

MontanaChoral Directors Association
October 16th, 2008
Great FallsHigh School, Room SC 203
Great Falls, Montana
President, Janet Fox
Vice-President, Kevin Allen-Schmid
President-Elect, Open
Secretary, Kyla Morton
Treasurer, Scott Corey
I.                   Call to Order
Janet Fox called to order the regular meeting of the MCDA at 12:46 P.M. on October 16th, 2008 at Great Falls High School.
II.                Reports
Minutes of last fall’s meeting were presented to the membership.  The motion to approve was made by Peggy Leonardi and seconded by Mary Svenvold.  The minutes were approved by the membership as read.
Treasurer’s Report was presented by Scott Corey.  The motion to accept was made by Peggy Leonardi and seconded by Shelley Clark.  The Treasurer’s report was approved by the membership as presented.
All-State Auditions report—Dean Peterson felt that the consistency brought by having MHSA oversee the auditions was good.  He also gave a thumb-up on the form for auditioners and the overall process.  Some students were not prepared this year.  Dean pointed out that the auditioners were there to help the kids succeed and it would help them to know if a particular singer might be an alternate.  Teddi Smotherman requested a copy of the auditioners’ form and Dean said he would be happy to send it off to anyone who emailed him.
All-State Choir report—Barb Swaby let us know that Mr. Dilworth was very impressed with how well-prepared the choir was and sent his thanks to us for our hard work as well.  There were some questions and concerns about who made it, who didn’t—Barb said many did not follow directions and/or didn’t audition with the right set of materials.  She reminded us of the form from MHSA for auditions.  Perhaps we could have the audition form distributed to those who think a mistake may have been made.
Ellen Forslund asked about the consideration of adding a Treble Choir to accommodate the 100+ SII auditions.  Terry Annalora reminded us that 20 years ago it was decided NOT to because of the length of the concert.  Teddi Smotherman suggested another venue or time for a Treble Choir concert.  Janet Fox reminded us that All-State is an MHSA event and we are welcome to contact them to bring up these questions.
MYS Reports—Teddi Smotherman, East
      Will be at MSU Billings on March 13th with Dr. Shepherd conducting the JH choirs and tentatively Diane Martin for Children’s Choir.  She reminded us that they are looking to build the numbers, especially in the children’s choir, by contacting elementary music teachers in Billings and surrounding areas.
Chris Bumgardner, West
      Chris reminded us that Neil LeMieux is now the manager of MYS West.  The numbers were around 150 for Junior High and 120 for Children’s.  Scheduling has been made difficult by mandated testing but currently scheduled for March 14th, tentatively, at Jefferson Fine Arts in Missoula.  There was also some discussion of a larger venue, especially at concert time.
MHSA Music Committee Report
Mary Svenvold handed us a sheet with talking points. (Attached)  Mary addressed each area with us.  Steve Michelson brought up the question of having director complaints signed by an administrator.
Nancy Labbe reminded us that the state minimum for adjudicator pay has remained the same for 8 years.  Districts can choose to pay more for adjudicators.  MHSA only sets the minimum.
Under Native American participation, Mary reminded us that adjudicators would be made available for solo and small ensembles in this category ONLY if it is financially feasible for the district.
R & S Chairs:
      Middle School:  Ellen Forslund is working towards full report next year.
      High School Choirs:  Teddi Smotherman is gathering UIL lists.
Men’s Choir:  Pat Ryan wants interested parties to email him about men’s choral festival February 2nd.
      Ethnic and Multicultural:  Janet Morgenstern just had her baby.
      Boys Choirs:  Kim smith just started Billings Boys Choir.
Choral Reading Session—Pat Ryan and Kevin Allen-Schmid wills step in to lead the session in Dr. Hart’s absence.
Tomorrow, Steve’s 9:30 session is cancelled.
President’s Report—Janet Fox
NW MENC will be in Spokane February 12-15, 2009.  Teddi asked for feedback from other directors concerning new form/audition format.  Kim Loren go commented that she appreciated having All-State and All-NW (MENC) the same.  There was also discussion of placing audition materials on the MHSA website.
Chris Bumgardner also commented on his H4 Zoom Recorder which has worked extremely well for him on auditions.
III.  Old Business--
National ACDA in Oklahoma City will be celebrating its 50th year!  ACDA as a national organization has seen a drop in membership and Montana’s goal is to add 16 new members over the next year.  Scott Corey let us know that we need to keep our state membership above 100 in order to maintain control over our own finances.  Chris Bumgardner suggested charging ½ price for those who have multiple affiliations.  Scott said that the national charge of $66.00 is non-negotiable.  Peggy Leonardi suggested $40 reduced MCDA dues, and Teddi Smotherman brought up that many MS/JH teachers are NOT members.
Chris Bumgardner moved to set MCDA dues @ $40.00 for those who belong to multiple MMEA affiliations.  This motion was withdrawn.  Comments and discussion included the support of young teachers more, adding students ACDA chapters, and the possibility of a list serve to encourage membership.
After much discussion, Peggy Leonardi moved that we meet again tomorrow during conflict-free time @ 9:30 in the orchestra room for the executive committee and anyone else interested, emphasizing that the committee’s decision will be accepted by the membership.  Scott Corey seconded and the motion passed.
MCDA Website Report—it was agreed that as an organization, we at LEAST need a list serve.  Scott Corey offered to compile an email list.  It is certain that we will have to spend some money to keep this up and running.  Paul Ritter moved that Janet Fox will contact a webmaster and seek membership approval of a budget ca. $100.  Teddi Smotherman seconded and the motion passed.
Best wishes to Dr. Hart on a speedy recovery.
Janet also reminded us to bring session ideas for 2009.
IV.  New Business—
Election of President-Elect 2008-2010 and 2010-2012
Janet Fox put forth Pat Ryan and Larry Swingen’s names for these two offices.  Pat and Larry were unanimously elected as President and President-Elect, respectively.
Dean Peterson acknowledged Janet Fox’s service to us and she was heartily applauded.
Rhonda Burghardt moved to dismiss @ 1:58 P.M.  Scott Corey seconded and the meeting was adjourned.
Friday, October 17th
MCDA Membership Discussion
Great FallsHigh School
Janet Fox opened the discussion at 9:31 A.M.
  • Janet said right now we have 108 members statewide.  Scott Corey was able to get the printout today.
  • Shelley Clark—missing many teachers who teach multiple classrooms.  The choice of whether or not to join is simplified by their job description.
  • Teddi Smotherman—we need to show the benefits of ACDA to those eligible to join.
  • Shelley Clark—comes down to communication through the website.  MBA is a great working model for the website and list serve.
  • Teddi Smotherman—ACDA membership can enhance your program as well as provide opportunities for students.
  • Rhonda Burghardt—benefits of MCDA website could be immeasurable.
  • Scott Corey—we could improve membership through associate memberships such as church directors and studio teachers.
  • Sarah Oschsner—feels that we need to improve the membership for those of us who are already members.
  • Nancy Brown—Could we as an organization write a letter to the national office about the grass roots reasons our membership is down?
  • Charlotte Colliver—Feels that MCDA is an exclusive membership rather than inclusive.
  • Amy Logan—perhaps a newsletter could be helpful.
  • Idea—maybe outgoing president could serve as a membership officer.
  • Scott Corey—have all the affiliates do a “Calling New Teachers” mixer on Thursday a.m.
  • Peggy Leonardi—the larger crisis is keeping choral programs in our state going.
  • Kim Logan moved to create a membership committee.  Shelly Clark seconded and the motion passed.
  • Peggy Leonardi moved to a reduced $40.00 MCDA due for those teachers with multiple memberships in MMMEA affiliations.  Nancy Brown seconded and the motion passed
Janet Fox adjourned the meeting.