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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

MCDA Bylaws






Section 1.  ACTIVE – Any person who is engaged as a part or full-time choral director,

or who is responsible for the administration of a choral program, is eligible for active membership.  An Active member may participate in and, upon compliance with registration requirements, admission to all meetings and conventions.  In addition, active members shall receive THE CHORAL JOURNAL, official publication of the ACDA.  The candidate for active membership shall be accepted on receipt of a completed ACDA/MCDA application form and payment of the annual membership dues for a term of one year from the date of acceptance.  Membership shall be continued each succeeding year on receipt of membership dues prior to or during the month the membership renewal period shall result in discontinuation of the membership.  Active membership hall be renewed on receipt of the current annual dues.  ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP IS MOST BENEFICAL TO THE MCDA AND IT IS URGED THAT ALL WHO JOIN DO SO AS AN ACTIVE MCDA/ACDA MEMBER.

Section 2.  ASSOCIATE – Any person who is interested on the objectives of the

Association is eligible for associate membership.  Privileges accorded the associate member shall be the same as those for the active member, except for voting and the right to hold office in the MCDA.  Transfer of an associate member to active may be made upon compliance with requirements and procedures for active membership.  The candidate shall be accepted under the same guidelines as outlined in Section 1 above for active membership.

Section 3.  INDUSTRY ASSOCIATE – Any business firm associated with music and

related to the choral field may become an industry associate member.  Privileges accorded these representatives shall be the same as those for the associate member.  Application for membership shall include an application form provided by the ACDA/MCDA and filled out by a representative of the firm, or a letter of application from such representative and dues payment for one year sent to the Executive Secretary of the ACDA.  Procedures for continuing membership are the same as those stated for active members.

Section 4.  INSTITUTIONAL – The following institutions, or music departments thereof,

may be institutional members:  schools, colleges, universities, conservatories, churches, synagogues, lodges, libraries, other professional associations, professional choruses, choral groups from industry, business or community.  Privileges accorded to representatives of each institutional member shall be the same as those prescribed for industry associate members.  Procedures for continuing membership are the same as those stated for active members.

Section 5.  CONTRIBUTING – Any individual firm, foundation, institution, or other

organization that has contributed $50.00 or more for a given year to the Association shall be classified as a contributing member.  Privileges of associate membership shall be accorded the individual contributing member or a representative of the the contributing firm, foundation, institution, or other organization.

Section 6.  LIFE – Life membership shall be open to persons who are eligible for active

membership and who have been active members of ACDA for a minimum of ten years.  Life members shall have the same privileges as active members.  Paid-up Life members shall not be assessed additional dues.

Section 7.  STUDENT – Any high school or college student wishing to receive THE

CHORAL JOURNAL and attend MCDA meetings by payment of the prescribed convention fee may become a student member of MCDA with the submission of an application form marked “student” and payment of dues.  Student memberships may be submitted by individual students or by the MCDA sponsor-teacher for a student group.  The student shall be a non-voting member, ineligible for office except in a student capacity or in a local student chapter.  Students actively engaged as choral directors are encouraged to join the MCDA as active members.

Section 8.  RETIRED – MCDA members attaining retirement status may maintain

membership in MCDA by payment of reduced annual dues.  Privileges accorded retired members will be the same as those for associate members.

Section 9.  Membership classification, requirements, and procedures of Affiliate

Associations (MCDA) shall not differ from those of ACDA which are specified under Section 1 through Section 8 of this article, except that the Executive Committee of the ACDA may make adjustments as desirable and necessary for previously established choral directors associations.





Section 1.  The National Board of Directors shall set the amount of dues to be paid for all

categories of membership, and the amount of all other fees.  Changes in the amount of membership dues must be approved by a majority of the active members voting.

Section 2.  ACDA membership dues in the MCDA shall be the same as those specified

for the National Association and shall be payable to the ACDA or the MCDA.  The MCDA may charge dues for its purposes in addition to those of ACDA with the following qualifications:  Approval of the ACDA Board of Directors must be obtained for the adoption of dues, for the amount to be charged, and for the fiscal procedures to be used in billing and collecting.





Section 1.  The administrative and fiscal year shall be from July 1 through June 30, or

such other period as may be determined by the National Board of Directors.





Section 1.  Membership dues shall be for one year from the date of acceptance of said






Section 1.  A financial statement shall be prepared by the Treasurer and/or other officers

of the MCDA who have been empowered by the Constitution and Bylaws and the officers to handle Association funds.

Section 2.  The complete financial records of the MCDA shall be approved by the

Officers and the membership at their annual meeting.  A budget for the following year shall be presented to the Officers by the President at their annual meeting.

Section 3.  Any fiscal policies and procedures needed in the administration and operation

of the MCDA and not specified in these Bylaws shall be formulated by the Regional Advisory Board and approved by the Officers.





Section 1.  The State president shall serve as the chief executive officer for the state and

shall be responsible for the implementation of the MCDA activities in the state.

Section 2.  The State President shall participate in meetings of the Assembly of State

Presidents at the Divisional and National levels.

Section 3.  The State President-Elect shall assist the President in the administration of the

state association and assume other duties as assigned by the State President.

Section 4.  The State Vice-President shall serve as an advisory to other state officers.

He/She or the President-Elect at the discretion of the National President-Elect with the advice of the Division President, shall assume all duties of the President in the case of resignation, disability, or death until the President-Elect assumes the office of President at the beginning of the next regular biennium.

Section 5.  The State president shall serve as the second Vice-President for choral affairs

in the Montana Music Educators Association.  The President in this capacity shall be responsible to the MMEA for actions from the MCDA that would affect music education in the state and assume responsibility for convention planning as state in Article V, Section 2 of the Constitution.  The President shall be the liaison between MMEA and the MCDA, and serve on the MMEA Executive Committee.




Section 1.  The officers may authorize voting by mail, email, or other electronic means for any purpose for which a vote of the membership of the MCDA shall be required.  Voting shall be conducted in accordance with instructions of the officers, and provisions shall be made for membership eligible to vote to receive ballots and necessary supporting information in time to return their ballots before the date of the close of the voting.  A closing date shall be printed on all ballots.





Section 1.  Cooperative relationships, including conventions and other activities may be

exercised by the MCDA with other state, national and international education associations and/or musical organizations as authorized by the officers.





Section 1.  In the event of disbandment, properties and funds of the MCDA remaining

after all financial obligations have been met shall revert to the ACDA National Office, unless it is the express wish of the MCDA voting membership to realign the affiliation of the MCDA.





Section 1.  ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER REVISED shall be the authority to all questions of procedure in business meetings not covered by these Bylaws.





Section 1.  Amendments and/or revisions to these Bylaws may be initiated by the officers

or by a position signed by ten percent of the MCDA membership.

Section 2.  These Bylaws, provided, however, that in any case, sixty days notice of such

contemplated amendment or revision shall be given by mail, email, or other electronic means to active members.