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What are tags?

Tags are a way to collect different types of pages on ChoralNet under a single Community umbrella. If you discover a Classified, Announcement, ChoralBlog post, news item, etc. which relates to a Community you are a member of, you can connect it to that community by clicking the community's name in the tagging box at the bottom of the page. Almost any kind of site content can be tagged. To learn more about Communities, click here.
Once an item is tagged, it appears in a list of "tagged items" in the corresponding Community, visible by clicking on Tagged items in the Community's navigation bar. 
The tag also appears in the tag box at the bottom of the item's own page. In this box, the Community Tags line lists all tags to the item you are viewing, whether you are a member of the corresponding community or not. Clicking on one of those links takes you to the corresponding Community. The Add community tag line shows all the Communities you are a member of (except those already tagged); clicking on one of those adds a tag to that Community.
Any Community member can remove tags which were added in error, are out of date, or off topic. To remove a tag, go to the tags list within the Community by clicking on Tagged Items in the navigation bar, then clicking the red X by the offending item. (Some communities have content automatically tagged into them because of their geographical location; these can't be untagged.)
Tagging doesn't affect the location of the original item. If you tag a Classified, for example, it remains in its original location in the Classifieds area. If you subsequently untag it, it's still in the Classifieds area. The only effect of tagging is in the tags list at the bottom, and the "tagged items" list on the corresponding Community. Newly-tagged items do not appear in Community subscriptions.
What can't be tagged?
  • Content from one Community can't be tagged into another
  • Static site content (such as the home page) can't be tagged
  • Users can't be tagged (they can become members instead).
That's about it. ChoralBlog, news, forums, classifieds, announcements, choirs, resources -- those are all fair game for tagging.
Who can see the tags I create?
Tags aren't owned by any one person; once you tag something, that tag will be visible to all ChoralNet users. Other users can't create a duplicate tag, although they can remove the tag if they don't agree that it's appropriate. If you feel this option (or any ChoralNet feature) has been abused, let us know.
The only exception is for newly-created Communities which are still pending moderation; those tags are only visible to Community members until the Community is approved.

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