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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Creating and editing a ChoralNet community

If you got to this page from somewhere other than this page, make sure you have read Communities help first.
When you create a new community, you become its owner and first editor. You may designate other members to be editors by going to the member listing, clicking the Show details buttons, then clicking Make editor next to the member's name. 
Editors have the following responsibilities:
  1. Communities must be related to choral music. While it may be appropriate to discuss musical theatre, barbershop, composing, choreography, and so on, ChoralNet will not approve communities centered around politics, gossip, popular music, cute photos of your family, etc. Communities are subject to being deleted at ChoralNet's discretion.
  2. You are expected to supervise the forums and blog comments to eliminate any off-topic posts, or report spam or other types of abuse to ChoralNet personnel.
  3. You are expected to be considerate in your use of tagging. Don't tag unrelated material in an attempt to draw attention to your community.
  4. Some forum posts or comments may need to be moderated, if they are submitted by first-time users. You should moderate your forums in a timely fashion. More about moderating
Community Editors have the following capabilities:
  • Edit the community description, see the community's main page
  • Edit the community preferences
  • Moderate the community forum (see above)
  • Upload files to the community library
  • Post items to the community blog
  • Create, edit, and delete pages within the community
The only difference between a blog and the forum is an editor's ability to control the topics of new threads. Members of a community cannot initiate a blog.  But they can initiate a forum discussion. Editors cannot add or remove members from a public community. If a member is causing problems within a community (via off-topic posts or personal attacks, for example), let us know and we will take appropriate action.
We realize users don't always visit ChoralNet every day, but please check in at least once or twice per week to make sure things in your Community are going well. You should subscribe to the Community and read your subscription, whether by email or RSS, as well.

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