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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Communities help

ChoralNet Communities are a flexible tool which allow users with similar interests to communicate regarding their area of interest. A community may be defined by
or just about any other subset of the choral world that can exist. Browse through the communities list to see what communities already exist. If you are a registered ChoralNet user you can also click on the Communities tab at the top of any page. The philosophy behind ChoralNet Communities may be seen in this slide show.
A community might be a discussion forum such as vocal jazz, or it could be an elaborate website with dozens of pages and multiple editors such as South Dakota ACDA. The editor(s) of a community have broad control over the appearance and content of the Community and its pages. The contents of a Community are shown in its navigation tabs.  Each Community may include any combination of the following:
  • Forum: an area for members of a community to start discussions or make announcements
  • Library: a collection of binary files (PDFs, MIDIs, Word documents, photos, etc.) uploaded by the community editors. More about libraries
  • Pages: web pages created by the editors on particular sub-topics of the community. More about pages
  • Tagged items: items from elsewhere on ChoralNet (such as Classifieds, News items, or ChoralBlog posts) which relate to this Community. Any community member may link items into the Community. The tags available are shown at the bottom of the corresponding item's page. More about tags
  • Blog: a soapbox for the editors of a community to post on topics of interest
  • Chat room: a place for Community members to communicate in real time
A registered ChoralNet user may join as many Communities as he/she wishes. You must be a member of a community to participate in its forum or reply to blog posts. Be advised that the contents of a community may be viewed by non-members as well, unless the community is designated as private. Upon joining a community, that community's name appears on your user page for all to see. Furthermore, it appears in the Communities menu at the top of the page when you are logged in. To join a community, click Join this Community at the top of the community page. If you are a member, you may leave the community by clicking Leave this community.
To create a new community, click on New Community at the top of the Communities listing; you'll give the community a name and description, optionally change its preferences, and you're on your way. IMPORTANT: Do not create a community casually. You cannot leave a community you've created and, once it's there, it's your responsibility to supervise. Inappropriate or dormant communities will be deleted by ChoralNet. Before even thinking about creatiing a community, please read: Being a community editor.

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