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Including images in your messages

You may insert images in content you create on ChoralNet. This might be useful for short musical examples in discussions of particular pieces, or for including images of people or groups on your user page or choir page. You may either upload images from your own computer or link to images elsewhere on the web.
Images must be in good taste. ChoralNet reserves the right to remove any images it doesn't approve of. And don't forget that photos can be copyrighted by the photographer as well; be sure you have permission if you're uploading something.
To include an image in your content, click on the picture icon  in the toolbar while editing. If it's an image from the web, paste the URL of the image into the form provided (you can usually get this URL by right-clicking on the image in situ).
To upload an image, click on the Upload tab, then choose the image from your computer and click Send it to the server. This will notify you when it's done, and you'll be able to see the uploaded image in the preview pane.
For either type of image, you may adjust the size (especially valuable if it's too large) by changing the height and width numbers before clicking OK. These will normally adjust in proportion.
You may also choose to have your image displayed Align Left or Align Right, or neither.

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