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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Where do I post my message?

We know there are a lot of different places to add things to the ChoralNet website and we'd like to help you put things in the right place, so other users can find it easily. Our moderators often have to switch submitted messages to different places and not only is that a hassle for them, it makes it hard for you to find it once approved. So here's a quick field guide to finding the right place. 
If you're replying to someone else's message
To contribute to a conversation (or answer a question) within the Forums area, click the Reply button, either at the top or bottom to reply to the original message, or underneath a reply if you're replying to a reply. Please don't use the New Message button for replies, since then it won't stay attached to the item you're responding to.
To reply to an Announcement, a Classified, or a Forum message which specifies private replies, use the Reply to Author button (if there is one) or click the little envelope next to the author's name. Either way, this will send an email directly to the original author with your reply. We realize in some cases that you'd prefer your reply to be public, but our present policy is to defer to the author's request.
Where do I post a new message?
There are three places you can post, each accessible via one of the tabs at the top of each page. 
  • Announcements:  are just like it sounds, publicity for a concert, new music publications, news of interest to choral musicians, etc.
  • Forums:  are the discussion areas of the site (mostly like the old ChoralTalk).  Ask a question of your colleagues about anything choral.
  • Classifieds:  are where you post jobs, items for sale (or for free!), auditions, etc.
Each of these has a drop-down menu which lists the various subcategories, or you can click on the menu title to go to the main page for that message type. This allows you to see a more detailed description of each, as well as the most recent messages in each subcategory.
To post a new message, choose the subcategory which makes the most sense for your message. for example, to post an audition notice for your choir, choose Auditions: Volunteers.
You'll see a long list of previous posts in this particular forum.  You can click on any of them to see what other people have posted if you want ideas for designing your own post.  When you're ready to post your own message, click on the button that says New Classified ad (or New message or New announcement) and a screen will come up with fill-in boxes for your information.  Fill them in, click Submit and you're all done.
The trickiest part (at first) is figuring out where to post your message, so take a moment or two to look under the three main message tabs (Announcements, Forums, Classifieds) to get a feel for where things are located.

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