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Software: Converting Sibelius to Finale files

Since I received only 2 responses from Choralist (neither worked out)
and because I have located a great solution, I wanted to share this
information with you. Currently, two possibilities are available that
preserve virtually all of the score, which you can see demonstrated in a
web video at

1. Dolet for Sibelius, which is a Sibelius software plug-in (for sale)
that saves to MusicXML and can then be imported by Finale. They have at
least 2 versions, depending on which version of Sibelius you use. (see

2. also offers a translation service for as little as $20
- I requested a quote late last night; had that early this morning; sent
them the Sibelius file at noon; and received a Finale file which seemed
totally complete in about an hour.

[Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with]

Saving a Sibelius file as midi will preserve the pitches & rhythms for
Finale, but that's about all--not really a good solution.

Original request: Is someone reading this who has the Dolet for
Sibelius (Sibelius version 3 for Windows) that would allow you to export
a Sibelius file as MusicXML format so that I could import it into Finale
2004? If so, please contact me if you would be willing to translate one
file for me. I'd like to send you the Sibelius file and get a MusicXML
file back from you.

Best, Michele

J. Michele Edwards
Music Director and Conductor, Minnesota Center Chorale

Professor emerita of music, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN 55105