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International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): IPA fonts

Thank you, everyone, for your many suggestions. Lucida sans and Lucida sans
unicode have almost all of them, but don't have the indicators for vowels
that should be slightly more/less round. Also, curiously, the "ah" symbol
in that font is not the standard one.

Here is a compilation of the results:

check out SIL.
They have some excellent IPA fonts that you can download for free.

Last spring one of the speech therapists in our district gave me a website
that had an ipa font that had everything I ever needed and more. In an
amazing twist of fate, I actually was able to find it again. The name of the
font is Pepper Font. The website is:

Hope these sites could be useful for font recommendations and more:
UCL Dept. of Phonetics & Linguistics
Downloading and using phonetics fonts - Jen Smith, UNC Chapel Hill:
The International Phonetics Association:
Henry Rogers - Fonts:

but you can google IPA
font, and you'll find free downloads, about three free
IPA typefaces. You still have to use "insert
symbol,", but they are all displayed there.

The complete (or as complete as I have ever found) IPA set is a font called
IPAKiel. It is not part of Word, but if you google "fonts IPAKiel" you will
find a number of sites that (as far as I can tell) will sell the font set or
direct you to places where you can download it. You will need to install it
into your fonts folder, but if you are purchasing the font, they should
provide you with directions on how to do it. Once installed, it will show
up as a font option in Word.

There's a related ChoralNet resource: > Rehearsal > Languages > IPA > IPA fonts

you can download TrueType IPA fonts from this

There is a linguistic website that has three matched IPA fonts-- serif,
sans serif, and monowidth. I don't remember the specific site, but the
sans-serif font is called SIL-Sophia.

Check out the article about IPA on Wikipedia:

This link should take you to a free font download section.

Have you tried Lucida sans Unicode? That's the one I use when I teach
phonetics in my speech classes.

This website came across choralist a couple of years ago and should provide
what you need.

The IPA Society has font software for purchase. Check out this link:

Nathan Leaf