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Best electronic piano amplifiers

HI List,

Thanks for all the really useful information. Your
responses are posted below the original question.

Can someone give recommendations for a
speaker/amplifier for a Korg electronic piano? This
appliance is usually used for practice, but sometimes
has to be used for indoor and occasionally outdoor
performance. Sound quality, durability and ease of
occasional transport are primary considerations.


Speaker/amp info

I don't know what brands are available in
Lebanon--probably European
rather than American. We've had good luck with Peavey
amps, but the
most important factor is to get one that is designed
for keyboard
rather than guitar or bass guitar. You need the wider
range for a decent sound. They should all have a set
of legs that
allow you to tilt the amp back for placement close to
the player.
Ease of transport is a matter of opinion: invest in a
set of heavy
duty casters if you want to avoid a lot of heavy
lifting, or perhaps
a hand truck. Good speakers are not light weight!

Good volume without distortion and good
frequency range require speakers that are over-speced
so you never
approach their full limits, and those require heavy
magnets, and
that's what makes good amps heavy. I would not want
less than a 15"
speaker for good keyboard sound. (Well, as good as
you're going to
get out of an electric piano!) There are some vocal
amps that are
very lightweight, compact, and put out good sound, at
least for jazz
styling, from Electrovoice as well as other makers,
but I would have
to suggest trying with a keyboard before buying.

Our jazz people use Peaveys, in part because the
department already
owned them from the days when I directed a touring



Paul, I would be interested in what you learn. I need
to buy a keyboard amplifier too. Thanks.

Rusty Keesler



Try the Roland KC-100 series. For your purposes
probably a 300 would
work. I couldn't tell you the dimensions but I can
tell you that it would fit
in a large car's trunk (like the jetta) or in a
station wagon. It's
what I use when I play outdoor weddings. It's
specifically a keyboard
amp but you can also plug in up to three other inputs
for say a bass,
horn and vocal mike. Although, I've never run more
than the keyboard
and mike through it at the same time... Good luck!

Good luck.

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Massimo Montanari


I had excellent service from a Peavey YBA 60, although
it is a bit on
cumbersome size. I think they build a smaller one,
but I don't know
what the
sound quality is like.
A friend uses a similar sized Kb amp from Yorkville
Sound that he is
also very
happy with.


I've used every conceivable way for amplifying and
monitoring my
piano/keyboard over the years - there are several
companies making amps
keyboards - I like the Roland keyboard amps a lot - I
don't own one
I am not doing much of that kind of playing these days
and usually have
a PA
system to play through when I do - but I have used
those Roland amps
they have good sound and depth without distortion -
and just for
piano they should work well - when you start adding in
heavy bass
like the bottom of a Hammond organ or big synthy
sounds is when you
find out
what those amps are made of

I think the model numbers now are KC 550, 350 and 150,
with the 550
the largest - even that unit is reasonably portable
and I'd think you'd
the best sound out of that model

You can easily find them on the internet with a google


We use an old KORG T-1, with a Peavey guitar amp. It
works well for the
various settings we're in. I'm sure there are more
but this works for us ... and didn't cost us anything
because the amp
was donated for that purpose.


The Roland K-150, K-350, and K-550 are all excellent
choices as
keyboard amps. You can choose which model based on
the power you want
and the weight you are willing to carry. You can find
them at the
Roland website. These models offer four input
channels with separate
volume controls for each. There are also mic and line
inputs. I've
done gigs with a jazz violinist and he plugs into the
same amp and
there's still room for a vocalist and another player.
When I split my
keyboard, the amp handles the synth bass beautifully.
My son also uses
it with a keyboard and a guitarist friend to practice
in the basement.
The sound quality is great. Durable? The one I have
at home sat in 3
inches of water overnight in our basement and it still
sounds the way
did when I bought it.
Best wishes,


I use a Roland multi channel amp for mine. You can
also plug in
and guitars.


I have had great success with the Roland Keyboard amp.
It not only
your instrument sound great but it can also be used as
a small pa
Scott Myers

Paul S. Meers, DMus
Director of Choral Studies
Assistant Professor of Music
American University of Beirut
961-1-353465, ext. 4041/4020 outside of Lebanon
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