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Evaluations of Riser companies

Thanks to all who responded. Here's what I received.

Original post:

I'd welcome any information on choral risers other than those by Wenger.
there companies out there whose risers you are HAPPY with that perhaps cost
less? I know what's out there but I don't know if they are any good, so
of you who've purchased them and who like what you bought, or don't...that
would be very helpful! Peery? Canadell?

My community choir purchased a set of seating choral risers last season.

The will seat 100 singers. They are made by Stage Rite which is a Michigan
company. There are fantastic.

I bought risers from Stageright that were somewhat pricey, but beautiful and
sturdy as can be. I would certainly recommend them, and would buy them
again, except that they'll probably not wear out in my lifetime!

I HIGHLY recommend "StageRight" - Recently purchased some risers from them -
they aren't cheap - but MUCH better than Wenger (these days, who isn't?)

Also - a friend of mine bought a $40K custom riser system from them - filled
a HUGE stage with a capacity of 400+ high schoolers and he is VERY happy
with their service and quality.

Their website is

Had Peery -- they were ok. It is (unfortunately) worth the cost to buy the
Wenger stuff--the engineering is simply better.

David - My school purchased the Peery ones. They are terrific, as far as I
can tell -- carpeted; sturdy; have wheels, I think and come in sections.
Our music director said they were much less expensive than Wenger and he is
very pleased with them. I intend to recommend them to our choir when we go
to seek funding to purchase risers.

Thanks to all!

David Griggs-Janower
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Albany Pro Musica
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Ph: (518) 438-6548

Music - PAC
University at Albany
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on November 27, 2007 10:00pm
Anyone has experience in Sico Harmony Risers? Are they better than Wenger?