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Software: Ear training self-teaching for choral singers

Dear List,

Thank you to everyone who helped out by sending me their favourite site or
software suggestions for self-teaching ear training to choral singers.
Below is a compilation of what I received. It is by no means meant to be an
exhaustive list. The annotated comments are my own, intended for the
handout I will be giving to the choir tonight, it was just easier to cut and
paste the whole lot!------------------------

Ear Training Resources for Choral Singers

The following is a short bibliography of software and web resources intended
for improving your ear training in a self-teaching environment.


Auralia (by Rising Software Inc) -
• Demo version available for download, registration cost is $149, or
$99 US dollars for students. (Windows and MAC versions available)
• Seems very complete. You can actually “sing” your answers into a
microphone! Or use a MIDI keyboard

Practica Muisca (by Ars-Nova) -
• Again, among the more pricey options at $125 US, however it is very
complete (Both Theory and Ear Training help provided). A demo copy can be
downloaded at the above site.

Ear Power (by Fast & Soft) -
• Three separate programs – “Ear Power”, “Sight Singer” and “Vocal
Express” are offered. They can be downloaded as one package, or separately.
Comes in just about any language imaginable as well!
• Shareware type program – The “Sight Singer” program for example can
be download free for 10 uses, $19 US to register. You can also download the
little “metronome” program for free use.

Ear Master (by Ear Master) -
• Canadian made, seems complete in all areas of ear training.
• Free download trial online, “Pro” version is around $70 if you
choose to download the program, or $87 if you want it shipped in a box (US

MacGAMUT (by Music Software International) -
• Originally a MAC program, now available for Windows (since 2000)
• Register for around $35 US. Free trial available online

Other interesting links for ear training self-help books (non-software
• (multi-leveled CD’s and ear
training books)
• (a collection
of DVD’s and workbooks designed to be used at home).

Web Based Practice sites

Ricci Adams’ Music -
• I spent a ½ hour playing on this site, a fair number of useful
testing areas, naming played intervals and identifying intervals on a staff
probably the most useful area for our purpose. It does cover all areas of
note reading, and levels of music theory.

Teoria Music Theory Web -
• Very similar to Ricci Adams’ site. To make it more challenging
though, you can identify your intervals in Spanish! A certain amount of
satisfaction is achieved when you get ¡Muy Bien! For answering a correct
• You can also download the entire website to use offline which is
very useful.

In fact if you do a Google search for “music ear training online” or
something similar there are hundreds of sites that will provide this type of
service, including some fun “game” type sites. The two listed above in my
opinion are the most comprehensive.---------------
John Brough, MMus, ARCT, ARCCO
University of Alberta
Edmonton Alberta, Canada
on July 16, 2007 10:00pm
aquallegro is a free program available for Mac, and it works jsut as well if not better than any online ear training program I've seen
on August 6, 2007 10:00pm
Please also take a look at "Sing & See" - - it is software that gives real-time visual feedback on the pitch you are singing, which can be very useful in ear training because you can match what you are hearing with a visual representation of the "real" pitch.
William Thorpe
on September 30, 2008 10:00pm is free ear training software with excellent exercises, and efficient user interface. Check it out.

Dr. Jeff Morton
Choral Director
Homestead HS
Cupertino, CA