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Recommended Choral methods texts

Dear colleagues

Thanks to the several people who responded to my query. Here are the
suggestions of choral methods books (which are not choral conducting books
per se). I look forward to seeing these and then choosing!

Recommended Choral Methods Texts

Kenneth Phillip's latest textbook on choral methods (Directing the Choral
Music Program) received many endorsements

Group Vocal Techniques by James Jordan and Frauke Hassemann (Hinshaw)
Directing the Choral Music Program by Kenneth Phillips (Oxford)

The Phillips book is brand new and is, in my opinion, the best reference and

textbook covering all the areas of choral music from an education
National Standards are addressed and every aspect of rehearsal, music
vocal technique, changing voices, discipline, musicals, show choirs,
historical styles, performance practice, etc. are covered. There are also
very helpful appendices listing music publishers, concert attire
equipment manufacturers, recommended repertoire, sight-singing materials,
In my opinion it is the most comprehensive text available and its 2004
copyright date
makes it the most timely choice as well. I always try to make my textbook
books that I believe students will use for many years. This is one of those
The Phillips book is also one of the most reasonably priced textbooks I have
ini some time. Get this one for sure

Phillips also wrote the great book - Teaching Kids to Sing - probably the
best book
on vocal pedagogy for young and adolescent voices (published by Prentic
Hall, I believe).

Collins, D. L. (1999). Teaching Choral Music. Upper Saddle, River, NJ:
Prentice-Hall, Inc.I used the Collins book as my primary text this fall, but
plan to
use the Hylton next fall; I found it covered all the same information in a
much more succinct, less expensive package.

I can highly recommend visiting This
groundbreaking educational series by Don Neuen is excatly what you are
looking for.

Check out Teaching Choral Music by Don L. Collins published by
Prentice-Hall. The Prentice-Hall website for the textbook is:,4096,0130813567.html,00.h

It covers upper elementary through high school with a strong emphasis on
mid-level as well. I think you will find it is exactly what you need.

I've been using the text by Barbara Brinson, called something like "Choral
Methods and Materials, grades 5 - 12." It has some very thought provoking
chapters, lots of practical stuff about analyzing music, etc. and is as good
a book as I have been able to find for just the kind of class I think you
are trying to construct.

I like the Don Collins book that's what I currently use.

I think that Ken Phillips new book, Directing the Choral Music
Program, is wonderful. It's very comprehensive and useful. We have
adopted it here for methods. His "Teaching Kids to Sing" (also
Schirmer) is very good for the younger set.

Kirin Nielsen