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How to convert curved risers to Straight risers

Dear Listers,

Thanks for the many reponses to my question about turning
curved risers into straight ones. The process is, I hope, best
described here, thanks to Chuck Livsey of Michigan, and

Suzanne Tiemstra

Wenger risers are reversible. You need a wrench
and a little patience (there are 4 bolts for each tier). Unbolt
the \top and bottom rows of the riser, and exchange them
(i.e. top row to bottom, bottom row to top), making sure the
"slant" at the end of the step turns so that the longer part
is at the bottom.

When you reverse the risers, the "bars" on the side (that
connect one riser to another) also need to be put on the other side.
There are just two screws (with bolt heads) that hold these on.
It's not too hard to switch them to the other side.

Then unbolt the middle section and turn it around. When you
have completed this reversal, if this "reversed" riser is put
in between two "normal" risers, it will make a straight line.
See "diagram" below:

Normal Riser Exchange top & bottom rows Now reverse middle row
\-------------/ /--------\
\----------/ \-----------/
\-------/ /------------\

Combine reversed riser(s) with "normal" risers: (you need one less
reversed riser than normal riser)

\------------/ /--------\ \--------------/ /-------\ \---------------/
\----------/ /-----------\ \-----------/ /----------\ \------------/
\--------/ /--------------\ \--------/ /-------------\ \---------/