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Favorite Introits and benedictions

Thank you to all who contributed to the introits/benedictions request. I hope
you enjoy the suggestions as much as I have.

Happy singing...

'The Lord Is In His Holy Temple' for SATB with Shawnee Press. An audio may be
heard on my website Put
'temple' in keyword search box on the music page.

Linda Spevacek

There is now a newly published SATB (unaccompanied) group of benedictions
entitled "Twelve Benedictions" composed by David Lane. Here is a link to
Choral Music from Alcove Music Publications where there are viewable samples.
Mr. Lane will soon be completing its counterpart, "Twelve Introits."

Annette Covington
Alcove Music Publications
Toll-free Telephone: 866-577-3669
FAX: 336-983-3599
PO Box 2676
King, NC 27021 USA

I've just published a set called "Three Choral Benedictions" (YR9908). The
set is available through Yelton Rhodes (and much easier to find on their
newly designed website - The texts are from various

Jason Shelton
Director of Music
First Unitarian Universalist
Church of Nashville, TN

"24 Introits and Introductory Sentences" by Eric H. Thiman
Novello Publ. Ltd., NOV 030105, c. 1961
ISBN: 0-85360-429-0

Andrew Gaydos

"Laudate Dominum" by G. Thalben-Ball published by Novello. This is a
book of 34 different responses, introits, benedictions.
There's also "Easy Responses from Early America" by Leonard Van Camp. 17
different responses, published by Schmitt Music. (I don't know if it's
still in print).


Check out Musica Russica's catalogue - they have some
wonderful, short pieces in the "troparia" category
that would work very, very well as introits for
Sundays and seasons. I presented two of their Easter
troparia at the Music & Worship reading session last
spring in Chicago at the ACDA Central Div convention.

Deb. Thurston
R&S Music & Worship

"Introits" by Robert Weztler (Augsburg 11-9217) - Easter - Pentecost
-- there are others volumes for different liturgical
-- Unison, Two-part, and SATB
"Sing for Joy" by Ralph C. Schultz (Concordia 98-3597)

- SATB with some minimal divisi
"Come, All You People" from With One Voice Hymnal #717
- Uses Congas, and shakers

"Worship Leaders" by Mark Patterson (Chorister's Guild CGA897)
- Unison and Two-Part

"Call to Praise" by Raymond Haan (Morning Star MSM-50-7051)

"Scripture Motets" by Kevin J. Sadowski (Concordia 98-3638)

"Three Sacred Pieces" by Edwin FIssinger (Walton Music Corp.
- Joyfully Let Praises Ring, Of the Fathers Love Begotten,
Adoro Te Devote

A couple of pieces worth checking out:
-- All That Hath Life and Breath - by Michael Burkhardt -
Morning Star MSM-50-7052
- STAB, Handbells, Recorder & organ

-- To Everything There is a Season - Alfred Fedak - Selah

Benjamin J. Keseley
Director of Music/Organist
First Lutheran Church
Williston, ND 58801
701-572-6363 (church)
701-572-6379 (fax)
bkeseley(a)flcwilliston.orgA Central Division

One that I can recommend is AdventSongs (no space in between words) by Besig
and Price, published by Shawnee Press. It has three Advent introits and one
Advent benediction.


Siyahamba is something my choir loves!

Dale L. Heidebrecht
Program Manager/Choir Director
Lake View Presbyterian Church

I like the series of "Choral Fanfares" by Dan Bird -- three volumes -- always
an up-beat way to begin a service.

Alex Ruggieri
Valencia Methodist

Please examine my website and you will find music from Picardie Court
Publications that may fit all of your needs. Below are two of my
recommendations for Introits and Benedictions:

"Lord, now lettest Thou thy servant depart in peace." is published by
J. Fischer & Bro (Warner Brothers); the order number is FEC 10145. This piece
is perfect to use after the final encore of a program or as
the postlude for a service of worship. "Nunc Dimittis" is a lovely
contemporary piece that employs asymmetric rhythm and tasteful
seventh-chord harmony. The written vocal ranges are: Soprano: D1-a2;
Alto: b-d2; Tenor: G1-g2: Bass: G-C1. (1:45) Easy

Three Biblical Psalms (canons):

"Hear my prayer, O Lord! Give ear to my
supplications. In Thy faithfulness, answer me. And in Thy

Lord, hear my prayer," is for general use by any vocal
combination of three parts. The vocal range is: a-d2. (1:50 to 2:22,
with repeat.)

"Praise ye the Lord, O my soul! While I live
will I praise the Lord. I will sing reverent praise unto my God. Thanks be

to the Lord, our God!" is in three voices and for general use
or for Thanksgiving. The vocal range is:C1-e2. (0:58)

"Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His
praise in the congregation of saints! Alleluia!" is in three
voices and is an

excellent canon for All Saints Day. All three settings of these psalms
are a cappella and written in consonant counterpoint. The vocal range
is: C1-f2. (0:37) Very Easy

* My e-mail address is wallace(a) *

Andrew Haase
Choral Director
Hudson High School
1501 Vine Street
Hudson, WI 54016
715-386-4226 press 7, then x206
715-386-4919 Fax Number

on June 8, 2007 10:00pm
Greetings choral music friends:

I have been searching for a particular octavo for several months, and am
writing to you hoping that you might be able to help me find one complete

From the Church Music Review Series
C.M.R. 2835
H.W. Gray Co., Inc.

The only surving page I have of this particular octavo is:
1. Now Are We Come To Eventide by David McK Williams

Many thanks for your time and perusal on this; they are greatly
on November 4, 2010 11:43am
Some selections from Paraclete Press Sacred Music  for Blessings and Introits:
A Chorister's Prayer by Bruce Neswick
Two Motet's on the Words of Jesus:  Peace I Leave With You and I Am the Door of the Sheep
Two Blessings by Raymond Weidner
Prayer for the City by Richard Proulx
Please feel free to call or email me to order:
Estelle Cole
Paraclete Press Sacred Music
1-800-451-5006, ext. 309
on February 6, 2011 4:44pm
A great little processional is a two-part canon (or it can be sung ST one part AB on the other) called "Communal Canon".  Especially effective on days communion is served, but is also a good interfaith piece.  To download FOR FREE, go to Unaccompanied with hand drum.
If you decide to download and/or rehearse and perform this piece, please notify kayne(a)