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Recording Tips: Turning a Mini-disk recording into an MP3 file

Greetings colleagues -

So many asked for a compilation and/or explanantion so here is a summary
how I am now able to record onto MD disk and transfer that recording to my
computer, load it into an editing software program to edit it if
or simply create an mp3 file which I can then load into iTunes and send
or copy as needed.

I have a Sony mini-disk recorder/player. It's about 6 years old and still
excellent. The sound quality, even when recorded through my little
microphone that came with my iBook laptop, is extraordinary, perfect for
rehearsal purposes.

With an iMic, I can go directly from the RCA output jack on the Sony to
USB input port on my Mac G5 (which has no RCA input)

(I have also been able to use an audio interface connecting my stereo
to my computer, and then connect my Sony MD recorder to the stereo system,
but this is a bit cumbersome. Much easier with the iMic.)

I have software - Peak 3LE - which immediately imports the info and I can
edit freely, taking out chit chat or break time - whatever. With this
software I can save this file as an mp3 and then drag it into my iTunes

Two things to remember:
1) You must select iMic as your input device in your system sound
preferences. With a Mac this is easy - unfortunately I'm no longer
familiar with PC's so can't say how to do this. In the sound preferences
dialog box the iMic should show up. You can also select it as your output
device, but you probably want to hear through your system speakers

2) You must also select the iMic as your input device in your music
software - for me this meant going to Peak's "audio recording" option in
menu (it wasn't, inexplicably, under preferences) and finding the device
listed and selecting the iMic.

I can now very easily collect and disseminate bits of - if necessary ( do
they really want to hear how flat they were singing last night???) - my
rehearsals, or simply load them into my iPod and listen and plan my next
rehearsal, which is mostly what I do. It's a great tool!

Thank you all who helped me figure this out. Hope this summary is

Amelia LeClair
Director, Cappella Clausura, Newton, MA
Director, Coro Stella Maris, Gloucester, MA
Choir Director, Church of St Andrew, Marblehead, MA
Director, Schola Nocturna, Newton, MA

³if you feel like you are alive when you are doing music and dead when you
are not you should do music's that simple." - James Levine