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Recording Tips: Choosing a CD burner


Thank you for all of your help with this! I also discovered that I'm not
the only one looking into this. Here's what I found:

1) Prices range from under $500 to well over $2000, with the upper end
being fully automated devices that also print text on the cd.
2) In the lowest price range the duplicators have a "buffer", whereas in
the $700+ range they have a hard drive for storing projects to duplicate
3) Watch out for proprietary requirements. One company sells a 8 disc
duplicator that's $200 cheaper than another 8 disc machine that appears to
have the same tech specifications, but it will only duplicate onto their
cds, which are only available online.
4) Printers vary greatly and can be purchased as a bundle with the
duplicator or separately. They also vary greatly, ranging from $99 to sky
5) Below are the responses I received. Again, thanks for your help and
good luck to all who are in this market.

I bought a 5 disc duplicator from CD Dimensions for about 480. It is
great... we've gotten a lot of use in the past few months. The Hard
Drive is not necessary, unless you want to load CDs on to it, and burn
from images. As long as you have an original to copy from, you don't
need the HD.

If you want to talk more about it, let me know, I've done a lot of
research this year in buying mine.


W. Thomas Rickman
Choral Director
Harrison Jr. High School - Harrison, AR
(870)741-8503 - office

We've had great luck with the Primera Bravo printers. They run off of a
computer, and will take up to 50 in each load. It's fully automated; it
grabs the disc, burns it, moves it to its inkjet printer, and then drops
into the output bin. The advantage of this type of unit over the towers is
that they're fully automated. You can start them running before you leave
the office, and they're finished when you return the next day. Our CDR
operation currently consists entirely of these units - we have 12 of them.
If you'd rather offload this process, we'd also be more than happy to run
these for you. Tom Thomas J. Tropp, Jr.PresidentSoundByte Studios(866)
502-4647 The Choral Recording Specialists


Try this site, click on the Do-It-Yourself tab, scroll down to the reflex
duplicators box, check it out, along with their other duplicators.

Fred Wygal, Director
Reston Chorale


Hi, Brian,
We have a Telex 7 Bay burner. I love it! I'm not at the office, but if
you need more info, e-mail me.
Mary Alice


Brian Clissold, Music Director
Music Center of South Central Michigan

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