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Multicultural: World repertoire

Find below the comp. of world music rep.

My kids absolutely loved Betelehemu (not the one released this year) it
was very easy, very tonal. The Turtle Creek Choral has a recoding out
for a long time it is great and offers some opportunity for variations
(we used a solo in the beginning) and lots of drums.


Vamuvamba - African, Earthsongs pub, sacred, not hard, sounds medium
hard (doesn't sound as difficult as Salmo 150) - good piece

Brenes - Congori Shango - Costa Rica - folk/dance - great piece, sounds
harder than it is, Twin Elm Publishing, tepublish(a)

Alma LLanra - VEnezuela, folk, sounds harder than it is, earthsongs, by

Cancionces de Cuna, by Grau - Venezuela - lullabies, so it doesn't quite
fit your question. earthsongs

Guayacanal - SSAA only? Neat piece. arr. Nunez, Boosey - Dominican Rep

Te Quiero - Cangiano/Grau - earthsongs - lovely piece (I do only 2 of 4
verses), not folky, not hard

Preguntale a ese mar, by Carreno - Venezuelan - love song, not hard, not
folky - Santa Barbara Music

Bullerengue - great piece, but lots of text and fast - danc piece, very
folky - by Rincon - Third Planet Music

Of these, if I were going for "character" rather than "classical," I'd
go with Bullerengue, Alma Llanera, Congori Shango and Vamuvamba.

Good luck! If you have any trouble finding these, I can send a copy,
and probably a tape of us or someone.


David Griggs-Janower


How about Muie Rendera? very rhythmic and fun language
(Portugese) also, Gate, Gate by Brian Tate (Sanskrit text in English)
Check out the earthsongs publishing label. They have many great pieces.
I am in the process of moving and have no access at the moment to my

Karen Meiring
Ball State University


Try Jesu Jabula and an African Noel. Both have character and Jesu Jabula
sounds especially difficult but isn't really. If Jesu is sung just
you should hear bell tones. Excellent pieces. Both are a cappella.

Liz Glissman
Music Director, Saint Patrick's Church
Rolla, MO


"Sahaita" by Ben Alloway was a work that was exciting and challenging
my 7th & 8th graders. I don't have the publisher, as I got it directly
from him. I posted a similar request and he wrote to me about the

Hope this helps,



I've used the following successfully:

"Louez le seigneur" from Cameroun, for processional. VERY easy
repetitive and uses percussion. From Earthsongs, arr. Johnson

"Nno" a cappella from Ghana ( I think) arr Laz Ekueme. Very
"authentic" sounding, not very hard if you can teach the rhythmic feel.
Not complicated, it just must "groove."

"Hombe" also from Ekueme. More difficult than Nno, w. mezzo solo. Both
from Lawson-Gould (I think).

"Mata del anima sola" Elicited THE most enthusiastic response from my
students in NE Indiana. You must have a formidable tenor soloist to
pull of a sort of "mariachi-style" solo. The choir imitates the guitar,
and also has a really gorgeous lyrical section. Imitates a living
tradition among plains people in Venezuela/Argentina. Also from
Earthsongs, arr. Estevez.

Paul Meers
American Univ. Beirut


I have four suggestions. "Neslegtais Gredzens" by Juris Karlsons is a
set of three Latvian folk songs. "Duerme Negrito" arr. by Emilio Sole
is a Spanish folk song. "Naiman Sharag" by Se Enkhbayar is a Mongolian
text. Finally, "El Hambo" by Jaakko Mantyjavari is a Swedish text. The
top three are available through Earth Songs, but I am not sure abour 'El
Hambo". Our Concert Choir concentrates on performing this type of
literature and these four were some of our favorites. Good Luck!!

Josh Viles
Choral Conducting Student
Western Washington University


Hi Mark - as the publisher of World Music Press, an ethnomusicologist,
and the CT ACDA multicultural chair I think I can fairly recommend a few
"winners" for your choir, and I'll be happy to send you some samples of
pieces that other college choirs have enjoyed.

I think the best thing would be for us to chat on the phone for a few
minutes while you have either our catalog or the website
( in front of you. Over the weekend or any day
is fine for me...just name a couple of times and I'd be happy to call
you, or you can call me at 1-800-810-2040.

Judith Cook Tucker, Publisher
World Music Press
Intercultural Understanding through Music
203-748-1131/fax: 203-748-3432
PO Box 2565, Danbury CT 06813-2565


I always seem to be suggesting Canadian music, but hey. someone's gotta
do it!

A Canadian Rhapsody, arr. Peter Bjerring. it's a really neat piece that
intertwines a bunch of Canadian folksongs from across the country, SATB,
some divisi I think, and soloists.

Feller from Fortune, by Harry Somers. I've never met a choir who didn't
love this piece. it's not that hard, and really fun to both sing and
listen to!

Si J'avais Le Bateau, Harry Somers. From the same set as Feller.
harder, but once the choir gets the hang of it, it's another rousing
piece that choirs love to sing.

Hope this helps!! I know that the Bjerring is in print by Gordon V
Thompson, and both the Somers have been in print by GVT as well. If
they're not, I think I know choirs that would be more than willing to
rent them to you.

James Baldwin

Mark A. Bowdidge, D.M.A.
Assistant Professor of Music
Brewton-Parker College
Mount Vernon, GA 30445

on February 18, 2005 10:00pm
Please check out our complete catalog at
on June 28, 2005 10:00pm
Kalinda by Sydney Guillaume - A great festival or competition selection with exciting Haitian rhythms and text in Creole. A fun challenge and a sure audience pleaser!!