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Russian pronunciation

Thank-you all very much for all of your helpful
information. I've got some good contacts and ideas for
learning and translating this text. My ultimate goal
is to learn to speak this text, and I hope to do a
senior recital and then perform some of them.
Thank-you again! This is such a great resource!

Stephanie Meeks
UNT Music Ed Major

There's a very good Russian to English transliteration

file (free!) you can
download from Handlo Music that should help you with
the phonetics. (I freelance for Handlo....)

If you can't find it I'll be glad to email the

As for your search, have you tried
There's a search database
and I think they've started adding translations as

A last approach might be to see whether babelfish
(search for it through
google- I don't have the address>) can do the
translation (a rough one!)for
you. I can't remember whether they do Russian or not-
but it's worth a look
for any singer.

Hope you find what you need.....
Cecil Rigby

See whether there's a Russian department, or any
native Russian faculty
members. At a school that size, there should be. You

don't just need a
translation, you need drilling on pronunciation.
That's why Westerners
generally ignore some absolutely wonder literature by
Mousorgsky, and other Russian composers. I wouldn't
expect to find what
you need on the web, believe it or not.


John & Susie Howell
Virginia Tech Department of Music
Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A. 24061-0240
Vox (540) 231-8411 Fax (540) 231-5034

Haven't found text or translation yet, but there's a
1999 obituary on the
composer you may find interesting:

"Russian Notebook" is the title translation of your
"Russkaia Tetrad".
There's an interesting paragraph about the cycle in
the Dictionary> article on Gavrilin.

If you'd like to have a go at transliterating the text

yourself, you can
change Russian letters into Western ones using this

and then get an idea of pronunciation from this one:

There's at least one recording of the cycle, in case
you want to hear a
Russian mezzo perform it. It's sung by Zara
Doloukhanova, on Russian Disc
CD 11 030. (Russian Disc releases Russian
performances, mostly re-issued
from the Soviet era. The label is distributed in this

country by Classical
Music, 915 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207. Phone

Best wishes,
Nick Jones
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

This is the URL for a Russian music publisher - I
didn't check this
composer, but if they don't have it, they might know
where you can get

Kathy Boyce
New Hampshire


Dear Stephanie,

I'd be happy to transliterate the lyrics for you.
Once you know what each
letter stands for, Russian is rather easy to
pronounce. It's a bit like
Spanish--every letter (or letter combination) has a
special sound. (I
studied Russian in high school and college with native

speakers, and have
sung Balkan folk music for 25 years--including a 1988
peace tour to Moscow,
Ukraine, Moldavia and Yugoslavia).

My schedule is pretty full, so I would only be able to

get it back to you in
a few weeks. If someone else on the list volunteers
to do it quickly, take
them up on it!


Mendocino Women's Choir
155 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
707-964-9520 * fax: 707-964-7531 *

Without more information, I can't be sure. But I
think that the
song cycle on the CD listed at is the one
you're referring
to. The CD liner might have translations.

John M. Crowell
Learn from the Past
Live for Today
Look to Tomorrow
Take a Nap This Afternoon
Sacramento Master Singers
Music Librarian

The authority on Russian vocal music is Vladimir
Morosan of Musica Russica

He has excellent editions of thousands of pieces of
vocal music with
consistent transliterations into the Latin alphabet.

Allen H Simon
VP for Website Development
ChoralNet Inc.

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