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International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): Curriculum for teaching

I originally posted a request for materials to use in teaching IPA to my 8th
graders. Here's what generous Listers have offered -- thanks, everyone!
I would recommend the books "Diction for Singers" and "The International
Phonetic Alphabet," although, I would say immersion would be the most ideal
strategy...Use it to help them pronounce, even in English, and they'll get it
super fast...

Also, refer to "Discover your Voice" by Oren Brown. His presentation of the
vowel circle is especially accessible.

Good luck!

Rebecca Robins
Director of Vocal Music
Lyncourt School
Syracuse, NY
Have you seen "International Phonetic Alphabet for Singers" by Joan Wall? It

looks like it would be ok for 8th graders. It's published by Pst... Inc.,
Dallas. I
think it would be great for them to learn IPA!

Good luck,
Judy L. Greenhill, NCTM
Londonderry, NH
Hi Ann,
This sounds like an interesting idea to me, also. If
you find out about one, let me know.
I have found that using latin is a good start and a
great way to get american kids to use correct vowels.
I like "Medieval Gloria" by V. Singh and "Personent
Hodie" as starters. Maybe we could develop something
based on literature?
Valerie Middleton
Flower Mound, TX
Hi Ann!
I use IPA in the middle school curriculum for grades 6,7,&8. Doreen Rao's
book "We Will Sing" has great pictures of how vowels look and the
pronunciation symbols. It's on several different pages, but I cut and
pasted them into one document. Hope this helps.
Diane Boucher
Gardner Middle School

There seems to be interest in this topic, so I'm posting to all. Thanks
again for all the help!

Ann Foster
Scarsdale Middle School

on December 6, 2003 10:00pm
I am currently doing my MM in Music Education at the University of Oregon. My final project is looking at methodology for using IPA to correct diction problems in the middle school choral classroom. It has been a two-year study and documents a process for teaching IPA to grades 6-8. If you are interested in it, let me know! It also includes assessment as to its success in my classroom by self-evaluation, festival evaluations, interest and attitude surveys, etc.