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Software: Rhythm software

If you go to there is a great resource for free or
programs that you can buy with rhythm and ear-training. It is a great
resource that I use frequently.


Jason A. Mincy

Music for Ear Training (CD & Workbook)
ISBN: 0-534-57267-7

There is a program called "Rhythm Ace - 2" that works really well for 5, 6
or 7th grade students. My kids love it.
Hope that helps.
Kathy Draves
CIS, Southlake, TX

My favorite program for the PC is "Rhythm Ace."
The program allows you to customize the included levels and also create
your own rhythmic exercises for students to work with. It is the only
program I am aware of that actually provides two-handed rhythmic activities!

For details of the program, you can go to

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This isn't computerized, but our choir found it one of the most wonderful,
enlightening group rhythm experiences, and I couldn't resist passing it
along. Try Reinhard Flatischler's Ta-Ke-Ti-Na: The Forgotten Power of
Rhythm. There's a book and a tape (available through LifeRhythm Press).
Also, he's been training a number of American musicians in his methods. We
were lucky enough to have a student in our area who needed to give free
workshops as part of her study. He takes it right down to the cellular
level--which was hugely important for some of our choir members (who've been
known to call themselves "the rhythmically challenged" or "rhythmically
clueless." He's also a marvelous performer.

Cynthia Frank
Mendocino Women's Choir

You might be interested in the "Turn it up and Lay it down" Play along cd's
we carry. Tons of different basslines w/ a click track..tons of different
styles and tempos..check it out at

John Cav